ProCAM Software Suite Developed for Profilers by Profilers

HGG Profiling Equipment BV’s ProCAM and ProCAM Lite are the only suite of software specifically designed for HGG profiling machines. Designed in house, the software uses HGG’s 40 years of 3D profiling knowledge and synthesizes it into a software system designed to maximize throughput and material usage, saving users both time and money.

“We are specialists in 3D profiling, so we know what our customers need,” said HGG Global Sales Manager, Wiebe Wiersma. “What better way to ensure our software system meets our customer needs than to develop it ourselves with their input?”

The ProCAM suite features:

  • ProCAD providing direct connection to and from several leading CAD/CAM companies including Tekla® Structures, SDS/2, AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, bocad, and more.
  • ProGRAM gives users the ability to program parts with manual data input (MDI)
  • ProMIS is a management information system that uses real-time machine data to create reports on cutting performance, processing speeds and productivity.
  • ProQMS helps create digital documentation of quality control measurements and accuracy checks for required track and trace documentation.

HGG has partnered with several industry CAD/CAM companies to ensure seamless integration and transfer of data from design through data processing to machine. In fact, HGG recently partnered with SDS/2 to create a plugin that directly links to ProCAM. The plugin enables direct definition of cutting information in the SDS/2 CAD model, including detection of holes and pipe notches.

ProCAM Lite is a free software program that gives users the ability to view and check cutting details on various profiles without a cutting machine or intermediary viewing software. Users can review all parameters and weld details for a project before cutting and production, including root openings and markings, for any DSTV, NC, XML, or PCD file.

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More About HGG

HGG Profiling Equipment’s commitment to offering its customers the freedom to create is evident in the quality 3D profiling machines that provide complete flexibility to cut complicated profiling in steel pipes, beams, box sections and other profiles regardless of size and specifications. Founded in 1984 in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, HGG has become the world leader in steel profile cutting with expertise gleaned from years of subcontracting 3D profiling services which typically handle roughly 250 tons of material per week. The company’s machines are capable of cutting every type of steel, with the exception of plate, and can be found in nearly every type of shop including those serving offshore oil and wind, steel construction, process piping, shipbuilding and more.

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