Optimal Control with Articulating Arm from Sky Hook

The articulating arm Sky Hook with mobile cart base allows a single operator to safely lift and position heavy, hard to reach loads.

With today’s heightened focus on employee health and safety, providing lifting solutions which offer versatility and ergonomics while keeping operators’ safety in constant focus is more critical than ever. Check out the entire line-up of Sky Hook lifting solutions today! Custom designs available upon request.


For more information, visit  www.SkyHookmfr.com.

About Sky Hook

Based out of Idaho, Syclone ATTCO Service DBA ATTCO, Inc. is a lifting solutions manufacturer of small, portable lifting devices known as Sky Hooks. In business since 1969, Syclone ATTCO Service has developed a niche for solving unique lifting problems in awkward, hard-to-reach applications. With the lightest unit weighing less than 26 lbs. Sky Hooks are available with a range of base options which include dovetail tool holder mounts, bench mount, floor mount, and an array of mobile bases. Following standards set by OSHA and ASME, Syclone ATTCO works with customers to create solutions based on their needs. CE marking is available for custom Sky Hook designs upon request. With excellent customer service and a powerful design team, we can create results that not only have the ability to prevent lifting injuries but also improve operational efficiency. The Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are customizable to create the very best lifting solution for unique lifting applications. Syclone ATTCO Service can make any small portable lifting solution idea or concept a reality.”

Sky Hook industrial lifting device fills the gap between the simple chain hoist and the massive overhead gantry crane. With more companies implementing mandates restricting individual lift limitations to 30-35 lbs., it is the answer and your personal lifting companion that’s portable and easy to use. Weighing as little as 23 lbs. the this lift can safely and efficiently provide a custom or standard lifting solution up to 500 lbs.