New CoroMill for Small Diameters from Sandvik Coromant

The CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts is a versatile cutter that is ideal for shoulder milling, deep shoulder milling, edging, linear and helical ramping, plunge milling, slot milling and face milling. From roughing to finishing, it offers reliability, precision and productivity.

CoroMill_390_WebSuitable for all machine types, the CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts is ideal for mixed production and can be used with different materials and applications. General engineering shops, as well as specialized business segments, such as automotive and oil and gas component manufacturers, will benefit from its universal capabilities.

Grades for the CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts are available for all of materials. The new insert grade GC1130, produced with Zertivo™ technology, gives this cutter an extra dimension of security when milling steel. The smaller inserts deliver higher cutter-teeth density for superior productivity.

A unique feature of this tool is the torque key that is specifically designed for size 07 inserts. This key provides consistent clamping every time. It has built-in spring functionality that allows you to mount inserts with the correct clamping force for reliable and consistent tool life. Coolant-through technology is standard on the CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts for additional heat and chip control.

Troy Stashi, milling product specialist for Sandvik Coromant, says, “The CoroMill 390 with size 07 inserts is the most versatile small diameter end mill on the market today. It’s beneficial for anyone who machines small features in any size component including medical, automotive, and oil and gas parts.”

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