New Accu-Lube-Booster from Suhner

SUHNER’s new Accu-Lube-Booster is a perfect system for internal coolant-through-tooling for its machining units, including the BEM 20, BEX 15 and BEX 35.

PR_MQL_WebCoolant-through-spindle application effective and efficient with minimum- quantity-lubrication

Common flood-coolant application in chip-generating operations, including a new minimum-quantity-lubrication (MQL) method is getting attention for economic reasons and also for environmental factors.

MQL cooling in chip-generating processes (drilling, milling, saw cutting and tapping) uses a small amount of lubricant/coolant (less than 0.7oz/20ml) of lubricant/coolant per hour).

Why minimum quantity lubrication?

  • In parts manufacturing, tooling-related cost is typically 7-17% of total cost when using traditional coolant emulsions. MQL significantly reduces this percentage.
  • Reduction of friction yields higher productivity and increases efficiency in parts manufacturing.
  • Increased tool life leads to shorter and less frequent machine stop time.
  • Nearly-dry chips reduces cost of disposal or recycling.
  • Savings in running/replacing the coolant pump system, the coolant itself and energy costs.

MQL technology is used today in many machine tools. The Accu-Lube-Booster-System designed for machining units is an ideal enhancement.

Basic Principle. Suhner‘s booster system uses an integrated frequency-generator controlling a precision metering pump. A predetermined amount of oil flows inside the pressurized booster chamber at 90psi (6 bar) and creates a lubricant mist. This lubricant-air mixture (aerosol) is fed inside tubing to the coolant union at the machining unit. From here, it flows through the spindle and MQL clamping system of an HSK spindle and tool holder system, finally ending at the tip of the cutting tool.

Pos. Component Function
1 Level indicator Control of of fluid level with

low level indicator

2 Pressure gage Monitors pressure inside

lubricant mist chamber

3 Hose connection Hose connection to coolant


4 Metal enclosure Protective enclosure for control components
5 3 pumps for inside lubrication Convey coolant mist
6 Air pressure fitting Air supply line intake
7 Air filter & dryer Separate water and contaniments
8 Frequency generator Generate air impulses to the metering pumps
9 Boost chamber Lubricant/coolant becomes mist
10 Valve bank Control of booster
11 3 pumps for outside lubrication Convey coolant mist
12 2/2 position air valve Control of metering unit
13 Coolant/lubricator


Reservoir for the coolant/lubricator

Discharged oil film reduces friction between the chips and the tool during machine processing. Most generated heat is absorbed and discharged with the chips.

While transporting aerosol mist from inside the machining spindle to the tool exit, it is important to discharge the lubrication mist in a controlled way; otherwise, desired lubrication effect of the tool will be reduced.

Boosters are adaptable and expandable for different and multiple applications.

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