Mujin Debuts Random Bin Picking

Robotics technology company Mujin debuts its award-winning random bin picking application for the manufacturing industry. Mujin has deployed hundreds of bin picking cells in APAC. Now it is bringing to North America a production ready platform for implementation into complex bin picking workflows. This highly anticipated application is one of several innovative technologies Mujin produces. Highlighting how its intelligent robotics platform can empower robots from any manufacturer to take on some of the most difficult tasks to automate, both in the warehouse and on the factory floor.

New form Mujin

Mujin’s latest product to become available to the North American market represents a significant advancement in automation. This innovative technology enables robots to efficiently and accurately identify, grasp, and manipulate metal parts from bins or containers. This is revolutionizing the way industrial processes handle metal components. With this groundbreaking product, Mujin continues to redefine the possibilities of intelligent robotics in the automation landscape.

Mujin Random Bin Picking Outperforms Traditional Systems

Mujin’s random bin picking combines vision, control, and planning technologies. So this achieves a unified system where users can create more reliable and performant picking solutions faster than traditional systems.

Some of the key benefits of the Mujin debut of random bin picking application

  • Ease of use: no-code programming makes it easy for anyone to operate a robot, even without prior programming experience.
  • Capability: can pick and place parts from any orientation and location in bins just by registering their CAD models.
  • Speed: faster than traditional systems because it is powered by Mujin’s best-in-class, real-time motion planning technologies. As a result, the robot motion and IO commands are optimized.
  • No collision: utilizes the world’s only general-purpose robot controller with advanced integrated control, which considers the surrounding environment.

“The future of robotics will be powered by intelligent robot controllers that can leverage the environment and make autonomous decisions, and we are glad to open this technology up to the market through the MujinController,” said Ross Diankov, Mujin CEO and co-founder. “Whether it’s random bin picking or a range of other applications and products, Mujin is committed to pushing the boundaries of intelligent robotics and enabling a new era of automation.”

About Mujin

Mujin is a robotics technology company developing “machine intelligent” robot controllers. The controllers are designed as a common platform for industrial applications. The company develops collaborative robots specializing in logistics and other pick-and-place applications. The company launched in Tokyo in 2011 with offices in China and operating in the United States as Mujin Corp. Mujin works with many of the world’s largest companies to make material handling applications easier to deploy, more accurate and less costly. The MujinController, uses machine intelligence technology to give robotic systems real-time decision-making ability that enables truly autonomous, reliable and production-capable robot applications.

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