Larson Electronics’ LED Safety Light

Larson Electronics Release a 25 Watt Integrated LED Light Fixture for Hazardous Locations

Larson Electronics
, an industrial lighting supplier, has announced the release of a 25 watt integrated LED light fixture approved for hazardous locations.


The HAL-32- 60W-ITG- LED low profile explosion proof linear fixture has a T5 temperature rating and is approved for Class 1 Division 1 areas. This 25 watt LED is protected by an impact and vibration resistant polycarbonate lens with a frosted finish to reduce glare or a clear finish to maximize light output. It is housed within a low profile copper-free extruded aluminum body designed to withstand hazardous and harsh conditions. A single wiring access plate makes for easy access to the driver lead and a high temperature rated silicone gasket between the lens and the housing provides NEMA 4X and IP66 rated sealing. This new integrated LED fixture generates almost double the lumens of a standard fluorescent fixture providing crisp white light while producing less heat and consuming less energy.

This low profile fixture measures almost four inches tall and 19 inches long and weighs less than 15 pounds. This unit delivers 3,294 lumens of high quality lighting while drawing 2.1 amps on a 12 volt electrical system. The fixture is designed to accommodate a variety of mounting options including swivel brackets, wall and ceiling brackets, or beam clamps. The slot back design of the fixture allows multiple mounting access points. The end caps of the fixture have mounting feet built in and include a safety strap attachment point. The end caps feature a ¾” NPT hub and the fixture is furnished with one ¾” close-up plug and two ¾” to ½” reducers that provide ½” dead-end to ¾” feed through flexibility. The fixture operates on low voltage direct current and offers a 278,000 hour life expectancy.

“This new integrated LED light fixture carries an abundance of ratings and approvals, making it ideal for numerous applications,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “With its lightweight and compact design, this unit practically fits into areas where space is limited.”

About Larson Electronics
Larson Electronics was started by Ernie Larson in 1973. For more than 40 years, Larson Electronics has built portable lighting products for government, commercial, industrial and military customers. 12 years ago Larson Electronics branched out to include portable power distribution systems, explosion proof lighting and masts in our offerings. In 2006, we began producing light towers, high powered surface mount and portable lighting.  We believe that provides comprehensive information about our industrial lighting and power distribution products for designers, engineers and operators alike.

On the consumer side, Larson Electronics has built a strong presence with their hunting lights, handheld utility lights and lights for boats.

As a manufacturer, Larson Electronics has a full line of in-house CNC and fabrication equipment in our 60,000 square foot fabrication facility. For high precision cutting, we have a large format waterjet cutting table for plastics, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.  Our high definition plasma table provides high speed cutting for steel to 4 inches in thickness.  Our machine shop includes several CNC lathes and mills, with 4 and 5 axis capabilities.  Our high tonnage hydraulic press brakes and shears complement a series of ironworkers, pipe benders and ring benders.  With 12 separate welding stations, we are equipped to MIG or TIG steel. aluminum or stainless steel as needed.  For design and testing, we have a 2,500 square foot lighting lab, complete with a near field gonio-photometer. With exception of injection molding and coatings, all manufacturing is now done within this facility.

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