ANVER Introduces VT160 Ergonomic Vacuum System

ANVER Announces VT160 Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifting System With Upgraded Comfort-Grip Control Handle

ANVER Corporation announces that the VT160 Vacuum Tube Lifting System with upgraded comfort-grip control handle is now available. The new and improved control handle adds a comfortable, ergonomic grip for the operator and it features an integrated control lever that allows a single operator to lift and lower loads in one smooth motion. This versatile material handling approach is ideal for customers who need to load and unload heavy bags and sacks from pallets, conveyors belts, and skids.

anver1_featThe modular configuration of the VT160 Vacuum Tube Lifting System offers flexibility with instant attach and release suction — initiated right from the control handle — suitable for a wide variety of applications that are repetitive in nature. An optional vacuum pad attachment for this system is the BH90-P-C5 that is constructed with foam rubber sealing rings and is suitable to lift loads up to 175 lbs @ 18 in. Hg. For added safety, a Power Loss Safety Check Valve is built into the 360-degree top swivel to help slowly lower a load if power supply to the vacuum pump is interrupted. A heavy-duty pump, wire-reinforced tube, and vacuum gauge

The ANVER VT160 Tube Lifting System is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and is compatible with a variety of vacuum pump sizes and vacuum pad attachment types. ANVER also offers numerous accessories in addition to tube assemblies, which come in standard and customized lengths. Price quotations and specific application assistance are available upon request.

About ANVER Corp.
ANVER, founded in 1968, is a North American leader in vacuum handling technology. ANVER is a full-service manufacturer offering a complete range of vacuum handling products from miniature vacuum suction cups and vacuum pumps to complete Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifting Systems.

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