KAMAT Debuts Newly Equipped Tank Washing Head

KAMAT Presents Tank Washing Head with New Functions of Active Drive and Remote Controllability of the Speed and Direction of Rotation

Tank washing heads, the vertical and horizontal rotor arms of which direct a high-pressure water jet onto the inner walls and thereby remove soiling, are proving their worth when cleaning tanks, containers and relatively large pipes. Crucial aspects of this principle that enjoys intensive use in, for example, chemical and petrochemical applications have been further developed by KAMAT who is now presenting the result to the market: the TWK 200/ 1500 Air. The main differences of the TWK 200 over the existing commercially available tank washing heads are the active pneumatic drive and the controllability of the speed and direction of rotation of the rotor head in two axes via remote control. In this way, the cleaning system can be adapted very easily to the specific task on hand or, to put it more precisely, to the existing degree of soiling.

Washing Head

Reducing Energy and Time
Severely soiled areas can be actively approached and cleaned in a targeted manner which enables significant savings in time and energy. Since the drive is pneumatic and not powered by water pressure, the full hydraulic power is available for the actual function – the cleaning action. In practice, this innovation bears the advantage that also and especially complex cleaning tasks can be considerably speeded up. There is no need to remove the tank washing head from the tank for re-adjustment if the cleaning result is not to satisfaction. Instead, the operator is in a position to increase, for example, the speed, to change the direction of rotation or to tackle areas with stubbornly adhering dirt by using a convenient radio control.

On the Way to Fully Automated Tank Cleaning
Tank cleaning experts will appreciate the advantages of the TWK 200/ 1500 Air which, however, KAMAT just sees as an intermediate step towards the actual goal of development. Because the externally controllable tank washing head creates the prerequisite for the fully automated, requirements-oriented cleaning of tanks and containers. In the next step the remote control is intended to be extended with a visualization system (for example with a scanning process prior to cleaning) that will communicate with the control and allow for fully automated tank cleaning and targeted and sustained removal of all soiling within the shortest of time. This goal will be pursued by KAMAT within the next few months; in this regard, the new TWK 200/ 1500 Air will be a central component of the further development.

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