KAMAT Releases KAMJET 27/2800 High-Pressure Unit

KAMAT KAMJET 27/2800 Mobile High-Pressure Unit for Challenging Jobs

 KAMAT presents the KAMJET 27/2800, a new mobile high-pressure unit which has been developed in cooperation with a manufacturer of mobile machinery for professional use as well under challenging circumstances. The heavy-duty chassis, ensuring a long lifetime at high is only one of the innovations of the new HP-unit.


The core of the new KAMJET is the proven KAMAT High-pressure plunger pump K10016 A-3G with stepless adjustable working pressure. The pump is able to achieve a maximum pressure of 2800 bar at a flow of 27 l/min. Alternatively, lower pressures and higher flows are possible, e.g. 88 l/min at 800 bar. Stainless-steel pump head and stainless-steel conversion kit with hard metal plungers are the prerequisite for a long lifetime as well during continuous and challenging operations. Moreover, the pump is equipped with a full lift safety valve which releases excess pressure automatically and thus protects operators and pump. The valves are well accessible and thus easy to service; the supply of the pump is ensured by an electric booster pump with water tank. The high-pressure pump is driven by a 5.1 liter Volvo Penta diesel engine of 160 kW power, complying with the latest emission regulations (Stage IV/ EPA Tier 4f) and matching the performance characteristics required by high-pressure pumps. The power transmission in the pump includes a reduction-gearbox with oil- pressure lubrication and low-noise, high-grade machined tooth flanks.

Extremely durable chassis
KAMAT could rely on external support of a specialist for mobile machinery for the development of the tandem axle chassis. A prototype of the KAMJET 27/2800 has successfully completed real endurance tests on a test track, simulating the stress of 100 000 km mileage.  Moreover, the machine has been tested and optimized for four months in the test centre. The basic layout of the new KAMJET as well represents the expertise in vehicle construction: All components are placed in a solid frame, allowing for crane transport via four lifting eyes. Attached to it are two big covers, allowing the access to all substantial parts from three side, and two large maintenance hatches on the sides of the vehicle. All functions of the KAMJET are controlled via the “Easy Control” system. Its color display shows all relevant operation data; the menu enables the operator to select e.g. pressure ranges and speeds. An optional WiFi-module allows for online-access to the control system. With these characteristics, the new KAMJET 27/2800 is ideally suited for challenging high-pressure cleaning applications like concrete removal, surface treatment and paint removal. A wide choice of high-pressure water tools (e.g. nozzle-heads, lances, surface- and wall-cleaner) allows for the ideal adaption of the unit for the respective job.

About KAMAT:
Since more than 40 years, KAMAT GmbH with its head office in Witten, Germany, is worldwide leading system-supplier for high-pressure technology. The product range includes high-pressure pumps and pump systems, hydraulic valves, rotating joints as well as accessories for the pressure transport of different liquids in process technology, water hydraulics and high-pressure water jet technology for working pressures up to 3500 bar and power inputs up to 800 kW per pump.

Besides the standard products of pumps and systems, KAMAT designs and supplies customized units and systems, especially based on the requirements of the respective application. With a team of highly qualified developers, the innovation leader continuously further develops the high-pressure technology and sets worldwide new standards. Main customers are service contractors in all industrial sectors but as well direct customers in the chemical, petro-chemical and steel industry, shipbuilding, process engineering, energy as well as surface and underground mining. KAMAT is worldwide market-leader for special pumps for underground coal mining.

The company has been founded in 1974 as the European branch of a big American pump manufacturer and sold in 1979 to the Managing Director at that time, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Sprakel. Today KAMAT, managed by Dipl.-Ing. Jan Sprakel and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wahl, employs more than 100 people. Partners in more than fifty countries on all continents ensure distinguished customer service all over the world. More than 80 % of the turnover is achieved abroad.

For more information, visit www.kamat.de.