Jegens Introduces range of Quick Loc™ Pallet Systems

Jergens new comprehensive range of Quick Loc™ pallet systems reduces setup and increases productivity.

Jergens Inc. announces its Quick Loc™ pallet systems for fixturing solutions on horizontal, vertical and five-axis operations. These low-profile adapters and pallets ensure repeatability of 0.0003″ for small tooling platforms and provide clamping forces of nearly 14,000 lbs.  Jergens Quick Loc is manufactured from case-hardened steel for high rigidity and features a single drive screw for fast operation and reduced setup / change-over time for both fixtures and workpieces. The complete range of receivers, risers, pallets and cubes can be configured for almost any application.

Receivers are square, rectangle and round in either 52mm and 96mm patterns. They are available with or without mounting holes to allow users to add their own custom mounting configuration. They are also compatible with many other industry-standard pallet systems. Risers permit greater machining (part) access. Cubes and twin bases function like small columns holding multiple fixture setups.

Quick Loc™ pallet systems, in combination with Jergens new compact 130mm and 75mm self-centering vises, are an industry first choice for increased machining access and quick change over.

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