Introducing: NEW ByCut Star with 30 kW

Introducing the All-New Bystronic ByCut Star with 30kW Fiber Power and Intelligence

To support sheet metal processors even better in the growing competition, Bystronic is now advancing into a new dimension of fiber laser cutting: the ALL NEW ByCut Star with an impressive 30kW of laser power. The high-end fiber laser stands for high-precision Bystronic technology, a stable cutting process up to the highest laser powers, and a wide range of applications. With it, sheet metal processors are taking a major leap in terms of further optimizing productivity and efficiency. 

High performance certainly brings a lot, but it is the combination of intelligent processes that makes the laser cutting process satisfying and successful. Customer success is built on a concept of three pillars at Bystronic: Power, Intelligence, and Cutting Process Improvement. – e.g., with the MixGas technology.

Smart features, such as the “Intelligent Cutting Process (ICP)”, the “Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) with KerfScan” or the “Parameter Wizard” optimize the entire cutting process and ensure that it stays on track, guaranteeing the customer optimum capacity utilization and improving the production uptime without production downtime.

The technological leap from the previously available 3- to 20-kilowatt levels to the new 30-kilowatt level is considerable and opens new possibilities for Bystronic customers to optimize their production and thus remain at the forefront of the ever-more fiercely contested competition. Sheet metal fabricators benefit from higher productivity at low unit costs, because with 30 kilowatts the new ByCut Star cuts steel, aluminum, and stainless steel precisely and reliably. The 30-kilowatt laser power enables maximum flexibility for large series and spontaneous customer orders.

Whether aluminum or steel: the powerful Bystronic cutting head impresses with maximum precision in thin and thick sheets. In addition, with the “Advanced Applications” option, high laser power (starting from 15 kW) now also enables expanded applications in steel and aluminum of up to 1.07 inch.

The new 30kW power level is exclusively available on the ByCut Star.

Stop by Booth A1326 for continuous demonstrations of the new ByCut Star with 30kW and ByTrans Extended material handling automation.

Bystronic. Your best choice.

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