Visual ERP: Increase Profits Without Increasing Overhead

Visual ERP With VISUAL ERP from Infor you can:

• Win more business on price by giving you full visibility of your actual costs and potential throughput plays, allowing you to price your products aggressively, yet keeping a “win-win” with new and existing customers by delivering your product faster and on-time, every time with VISUAL ERP’s LEAN Scheduling software.

• See opportunities to make more money (throughput!), and improve your customer service by better scheduling of people, machines, and material.

• Gain a reputation for outstanding quality in your industry by implementing company-wide Quality Assurance / Compliance using VISUAL ERP Quality software.

• Increase profits without increasing overhead – VISUAL is reasonably priced, easy to implement, and easy to learn.

• Serve your customers faster – with better information while at the same time increasing throughput, productivity and profits.

• Eliminate “islands of information”
Using VISUAL ERP, you can see any of your company’s information with the click of a mouse.


Whether it’s converting a quote to an order, viewing manufacturing cost detail on a workorder, or checking the scheduled finish date on the customer’s order, you can quickly and easily get the information that’s important to you in micro-seconds.


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