Industrial Grade Inverter Series G120C Extends Siemens Offering Into More Markets

Industrial Grade Inverter Series G120C Extends Siemens Offering Into More Markets

With the Sinamics G120C, Siemens Drive Technologies expands its product portfolio of inverters. This compact device has been designed for various applications in industrial environments. It is suitable for use with pumps, compressors and fans, as well as mixers, extruders, conveyor belts and materials handling machines. The target groups for this new line are production machine builders (OEMs) and distributors seeking to buy ready-to-install inverter units. 

The Sinamics G120C, with a rated power range of 0.55 to 18.5 kW, sets new standards in its class with compact dimensions, fast commissioning times, simplicity of operation, ease G120C, Siemens, Sinumerikof servicing and highly integrated functionality. The Sinamics G120C has been specially optimized for use in today’s smaller control cabinets, mounted directly onto or positioned near production machines. These applications often require simple speed-controlled drives with a high power density in a smaller package.

This compact inverter offers one of the highest power densities in its class and can be mounted directly as a machine module, without sacrificing power. Compared to conventional systems on the market, the G120C requires up to 30 percent less space, with up to 40 percent higher power density. Quick-connecting plug-in terminals allow faster installation.

A port for inserting a memory card enables significantly faster inverter commissioning, as well. Instead of a blind cover, the operator panel may also be mounted for easier commissioning. It can also be parameterized using a PC, via USB interface. Standard protective coatings on the enclosure make the unit extremely robust in hostile or corrosive environments. This new Siemens inverter is designed for ambient temperatures of up to 60°C (140ºF).

Each G120C inverter features the integrated Siemens safety technology branded “Safety Integrated” as standard, to ensure the drives can be stopped safely. The unit is equipped with a double safe input ex-works to control the STO (Safe Torque Off) function without the need for external devices. The G120C also offers users the established control procedures of the Siemens Sinamics platform, including sensorless vector operation, which enables precise, cost-effective control and more energy-efficient operation of induction motors.

For network communications, this new inverter supports the Profibus bus system from Siemens. It can also be directly integrated into other widely-used communications structures via USS field bus protocol, RTU mode and CAN bus. The ex-works default setting on each G120C enables direct application without time-consuming parameterization work on the field bus system.


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