Express HORNET Heat Tool from Zormot International FABTECH

Express HORNET Heat Tool

Ultra Light  Ultra Powerful QUICK AND EASY

The NEW Express HORNET Heat Tool from Zormot is ultra light and ultra powerful. It offers a high level of performance with its targeted flame. Quick & easy to use with several interchangeable burners ranging from 30 to 160 kw. One of the safest heat tools on the market today.

Express HORNET


  • Single-click hose connection with a quick connector
  • Readily available flame at the press of a trigger
  • Quickly change burners without using additional tools
  • Easy maintenance: changing the trigger/ignition requires no tools


Offering a high level of performance with its targeted flame. The HORNET has a range of burners from 30 to 160 kw.


  • Very lightweight
  • Reduced sound level
  • Easily control the power level with pressure on the trigger


  • Safe ignition with low gas flow
  • Three positions: changing burner, storage, ignition
  • Safety handle


The safety handle that equips the HORNET contributes to a significant reduction in gas consumption.


  • HORNET handle
  • UL listed 30’ hose
  • 60PSI regulator
  • Quick connector
  • Carrying case
  • 2 or 3 burners

About Zormot International Inc
Zormot was created in 1992 by founders Roz and Tom Kerkstra who realized from their years in the transportation industry that their innovative idea was a perfect solution to protect all sorts of machinery and manufactured equipment during transportation or storage. It was obvious to them that the manufacturers of machinery and equipment took pride in what they produced and they knew it was important that the valuable product be delivered clean, damage free and the process had to be cost effective. Zormot and the Zor-Pac System were created.

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