Cut X Introduced by GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions Introduces Highly Accurate CUT X wire EDMs 

Machines set new standards for micro machining 
GF Machining Solutions has introduced its AgieCharmilles CUT X Series of wire EDMs featuring new technologies that significantly increase precision capabilities. Capable of holding extreme accuracies in machine positioning and pitch, the Series includes the CUT 1000 X, CUT 1000 X OilTech, CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech and CUT 3000 X. The CUT X Series will make its North American debut at IMTS 2016 in GF Machining Solutions’ booth (S-8754). 
Cut X, GF Machining Solutions, GFGF Machining Solutions developed the CUT X Series of machines in response to the growing demand for reliable high precision in large production runs of complex components. The machines’ precision is supported by adapted mechanical structures that ensure high accuracy and high thermal stability, as well as dedicated machine calibration and testing.
Machines in the CUT X Series are especially well suited to the production of stamping tools and multi-cavity molds for electronics, information and communications applications. They also excel in micro components for medical applications and watchmaking.
The CUT 1000 X and CUT 1000 X OilTech deliver pitch accuracy of ±1.0 µm over 200 mm by 140 mm, and M-shape form accuracy of ±1.0 µm. The CUT 2000 X, CUT 2000 X OilTech, and CUT 3000 X deliver pitch accuracy of ±1.5 µm over 340 mm by 240 mm (460 mm by 320 mm for CUT 3000 X size), and form accuracy of ±1.5 µm
For every CUT X machine produced, GF Machining Solutions machines a large number of holes in a plate and uses a high-precision CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to determine the absolute position of each hole’s center. The resulting data is reloaded into the machine’s CNC to ensure calibration that provides perfect pitch and positioning accuracy.
Optimal machining conditions for micro applications are achieved through the combination of high-precision axes, short measurement loops, dual measurement on all axes, consistent isolation of the EDM area from heat sources and the submerged working area. Each machine in the CUT X Series also incorporates a broad range of technologies designed to maximize productivity and part quality.
GF Machining Solutions exclusive Automatic Wire Changer (AWC) two-wire spool allows for fast, automatic changing between different wires for initial and finishing cuts. Offering reliable wire threading with integrated wire disposal, this system allows for substantial reductions to processing time.
An onboard Job Management System simplifies inserting priority jobs into the machine’s queue. The THREADING EXPERT retractable device performs perfect wire threading, even in difficult conditions. The IVU (Integrated Vision Unit) Advance uses an embedded camera and backlight on the lower arm of the machine to perform presetting, in-process measurements and scanning of the contour machined. Each of these features contributes to the overall efficiency and accuracy of the CUT X Series.
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