Cloud-based Manufacturing ERP Software By LillyWorks

Newly-formed company LillyWorks, Inc. has released its revolutionary new cloud-based software solution with Protected Flow Manufacturing, developed to help manufacturing companies streamline their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes.

lilyworks_logo_webFounded in 2015, LillyWorks, Inc. is a family-owned company based on decades of manufacturing software innovations. Since 1960, the Lilly family has produced modern solutions to meet manufacturing companies’ changing needs, and the introduction of LillyWorks with Protected Flow Manufacturing is the culmination of six decades of pioneering solutions for manufacturers.

With automatic plan adjustments to ensure all due dates are met, advanced GPS-style navigation for smooth production rides, and an intuitive system that streamlines processes to reduce wait times and maximize ROI, LillyWorks with Protected Flow Manufacturing truly delivers a new approach to production planning and execution.

Cindy Jutras, President of Mint Jutras and a widely recognized expert in manufacturing, supply chain, customer service and business performance management, said, “Protected Flow Manufacturing from LillyWorks is a radical new approach to manufacturing planning and execution, the first of its kind in more than 60 years. Protected Flow Manufacturing is better because it makes predictions that respect the reality that job priorities change over time, while also acknowledging limited capacity resources.”

LillyWorks with Protected Flow Manufacturing is just one more in a long line of manufacturing ERP innovations LillyWorks Founder and CEO Richard T. “Dick” Lilly has been delivering since 1960. LillyWorks maintains Lilly’s commitment to make it easier for manufacturing companies to deliver on time, in less time, every time.

Lilly states, “For over 55 years I’ve dedicated my career to creating manufacturing control systems that push the boundaries of available technology.”

Lilly added that with the innovation of LillyWorks and Protected Flow Manufacturing he has “finally been able to do what needed to be done to give manufacturers a simple way to solve the problems that get in the way of on-time performance and flow.”

About LillyWorks:
LillyWorks offers the latest in web-based Manufacturing ERP software technology designed specifically for small and mid-sized manufacturers. It is delivered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) that provides manufacturers the benefit of reduced total cost of ownership, fast and secure access from anywhere in your business or on the web, and the freedom of an annual commitment model.

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