Five Task-Kicking Ways to Get the Job Done with WD-40


‘Power of Five’ Campaign Asks End-Users to Share How They Use Each Delivery System

Powerof5_WebWhile most consumers tend to rely on one particular delivery system of WD-40® Multi-Use Product, over the last 60 years WD-40 Company has continually innovated its variety of delivery systems to include five different options, dubbed the “WD-40 Power of Five,” which provides many ways to use the trusted formula’s power to get any job done right.

The WD-40 Multi-Use Product line encompasses five task-kicking ways for trade professionals and heavy DIYers to solve challenges using a pinpoint stream, flexible reach, precise control, wide spray or soak. Over the years, loyal WD-40 Multi-Use Product users have shared thousands of ways the formula and its delivery systems have been used, and now WD-40 Company is asking them to share those uses with others through the Power of Five page on its website and using #WD40PowerOf5 on social media.

Consumer feedback has given way to expertise areas and personalities for the five different delivery systems, which together create a powerful arsenal of tools every professional and heavy DIYer should have on hand. Meet the Power of Five lineup:



The Controller – WD-40 Trigger Pro® allows more control of the rate and amount you spray through its non-aerosol can.




SmartStraw_WebThe Multi-Tasker –WD-40 Smart Straw® sprays two ways, a pinpoint stream and wide spray, with its permanently attached straw.




EZ-Reach_WebThe Flexer – WD-40 EZ-REACH, the newest addition to the WD-40 Multi-Use Productlineup, helps reach the unreachable with an 8-inch flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape, allowing users to get around corners and into hard-to-reach spaces.


BigBlast_WebThe Enforcer – WD-40 Big Blast® makes small work of big jobs with a wide nozzle that sprays the product over a larger surface area.





The Soaker – WD-40 One Gallon allows users the ability to harness the concentration of the formula through soaking.




“We love engaging with our fans and customers about how WD-40 Multi-Use Product has made their jobs, tasks and lives easier,” said Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing at WD-40 Company. “We know tasks come in all shapes and sizes so we’ve developed products that allow folks to get WD-40 Multi-Use Product where and how they need it.”

To learn more about the five different delivery systems, or to share a photo or video of how you use your favorite WD-40 Multi-Use Product, visit Photos and videos of the product in action can also be tracked through social media using the hashtag #WD40PowerOf5.

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