At Fabtech 2023 Scotchman Industries To Showcase A Full Lineup Of Ironworkers, Cold Saws, Hydraulic Presses, Pipe Notchers And Measuring Systems With Live Demos At The Show.

Stop a either booth A3431 or A3531 for live equipment demonstrations to discover innovative fabrication solutions using Scotchman Industries range of general to heavy-duty metal fabrication machinery. Learn how the right equipment makes your job easier and gets the best fabrication results with these Scotchman products.

Cold Saws to be featured in the Scotchman booth will include:
• CPO 350 w/Digital Quick Stop Measuring System – 14” manual cold saw with digital length gauge

  • CPO 350 PKPD VS – 14” variable speed semi-automatic cold saw
    • CPO 350 AutoLoader – fully automatic sawing system with bundle loader option
  • CPO HFA CNC – hitch feed automatic saw CNC for unlimited cut length settings
  • SUP 600 AngleMaster – large capacity precision upcut nonferrous saw. Combines an automatic mitering ability with a programmable feed
    • GAA 500 CNC DT20 – precision CNC controlled upcut automatic saw for cutting nonferrous at 90° with 20mm drill tap

Scotchman Ironworkers to be featured include:
• DO95 American made dual operator ironworker machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps allowing two operators to use the machine at the same time and ensures that both operations have full hydraulic pressure and speed. The DO 95 has a 95-ton capacity punch and a 9” throat depth, which can punch a 1-3/16” hole in 1” material. Other workstations include a 24” flat bar shear, rectangle notcher, angle shear, and a tool table that accepts a wide variety of tools.

  • 5014-ET Ironworker, the world’s first and only 50-ton hydraulic ironworker with a revolving 3-station turret punch. The innovative revolving turret accepts up to three different punch sizes that can be changed in seconds reducing set-up time and increasing productivity. This American made hydraulic ironworker features 50 tons of pressure and can punch a 13/16″ hole in a 3/4″ plate. Other workstations include a 14” flat bar shear, rectangle notcher, angle shear, and a tool table for using a large variety of additional tools.
  • FI85 – 85-ton ironworker with 5 fully integrated work stations
  • 50514-EC w/Automated Measuring System – 50-ton ironworker coupled with an automated measuring system.

Additional equipment models to be show include: 

PressPro 110 Hydraulic Press – 110-ton workshop press

Pipe Notcher models: AL1-2Eelectric notcher and AL150-HS abrasive grinder/notcher

Measuring Systems: LG digital length gauge. AccuTable Digital Caliper. Length Stop & Material Feed Systems.

For more information about their Metal Fabricating Solutions, visit Email:, or call TOLL FREE at 1-800-843-8844 or DIRECT at 1-605-859-2542.

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