AMI Launches M317, A Next-Generation Orbital Welding Controller with Touchscreen Interface, Data Analytics

AMI, an ESAB brand, has launched its Model 317 Orbital Welding Controller. Designed for applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nuclear and other premium pipe fabrication operations, the M317 contains the most modern controls and interface technology to simplify automated welding. This next generation orbital TIG welding system offers an unrivaled user experience through an advanced touchscreen that allows users to better control the weld, improving performance and increasing production efficiency.

“This is the first orbital welding controller that’s designed to manage data,” says Xavier Jauregui, Vice President of Engineering, Arc Machines Inc. (AMI). “It receives data from different sensors that allows operators to control their welds in the best way possible. It’s also very easy to navigate, similar to cell phones and tablets.”

Advanced touchscreen features include an automated pipe schedule generator. A schedule editor allows operators to adjust, fine-tune, add, delete and navigate amperage levels. Once in welding mode, a data analytics engine provides live data, while cameras offer a live view of the weld.

Paired with ESAB’s WeldCloud and other orbital analytics, users can collect, store and manage data files locally or on the cloud.

“The M317 combines the video image with the welding data, timestamps it and saves a welding record,” says Jauregui. “If you’re performing an extended weld and you find irregularities, you don’t necessarily have to discard the weld because you can go back and see every instance where your system has highlighted an issue.”

The M317 has modules for accommodating different frequencies of data recording. For applications such as oil and gas and nuclear power, the frequency of data recording may depend on the quality of a particular component. To qualify a weld, a third party may need precise data to show there was no irregularity in the weld from the current, voltage or anywhere in the welding process.

Lightweight and Portable

The M317 is outfitted with upper and mid-height handles and weighs just 99 lbs., as hazardous fabrication conditions and extreme industrial settings require a portable, durable system. “If you’re in a nuclear plant, you may have to go into a hot zone, where there is a time limit for being inside,” says Jauregui. “Then you’ll need to bring the equipment back out. The amperage versus the footprint of this equipment allows you to perform a spectrum of welds without having to change equipment.”

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