Alloy Enterprises Launches Aluminum Cold Plate Components

Alloy introduces new cold plates with complex internal channels and no additional assembly required

Alloy Enterprises, the forward-thinking company that’s redefining the metal fabrication industry for the next 100 years, announces the release of their aluminum cold plate component. Now in its third year growing the team and expanding their production fab facilities, the innovative tech startup is adding thermal management applications to the company’s suite of solutions including cold plates.

The innovative tech startup is adding thermal management applications to the company’s suite of solutions

Alloy is the only manufacturer that can build aluminum cold plates with this level of geometric complexity and no tooling or additional assembly required. Alloy’s cold plate components are engineered with superior material properties featuring a high strength-to-weight ratio, optimal thermal conductivity, channel complexity, integrated cooling, and conformal surfaces.

“Heat transfer is critical to the performance of our products; 40% improvements become game-changers,” said Rob Martinsen, Chief Technology Officer of nLIGHT.

Available now, Alloy’s cold plates deliver higher functionality and better performance with durability, no porosity, and no de-powdering or additional assembly required. Benefits include customized design, quick turn iterations, and reduced assembly. Alloy’s unique Sheet Forging process enables customers to launch products faster, iterate designs to optimize performance, and realize cost savings when compared to casting, machining, or 3D printing, from a U.S.-based supplier. Additional thermal management applications include heat exchangers, heat sinks, casings, and housings. Learn more here.

Contact us to schedule your design review today! Upload your drawings and models, let’s get a conversation started about how Alloy can help your team on a development project.

About Alloy Enterprises

Alloy Enterprises provides fully-dense 6061 aluminum components of any complexity on-demand at the best price regardless of volume. This enables manufacturers to streamline their supply chain, reduce time to market, and improve product performance. With Alloy, you get the best of both worlds—superior material properties with the complexity of casting and the flexibility of wrought. Unlike other suppliers, we offer no minimum order quantity and unlimited design changes with no tooling required. Alloy is more than a manufacturer; we’re your trusted and reliable U.S. based supplier. Let us be your development partner to help scale from prototype to production.

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