AAT3C Announces New Metrology, Quality Control and Adaptive Manufacturing Software Contract

AAT3D’s CAPPSNC™ CAD-based online and offline dimensional measurement software for both CMM and CNC machine-tool controllers is allowing aircraft manufacturers to adapt and program any machine tool like a CMM with the integrated capability of providing real-time feedback for adaptive manufacturing.

For over 30 years, Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) has been an industry leader in on-machine metrology to improve precision manufacturing processes and quality standards by using closed-loop feedback to provide corrections for machining processes that allows the system to be self-adapting to factors that affect the machining processes and the quality of products being machined. Recently, AAT3D was successful in securing a major software contract with a leading North American aircraft manufacturer that will integrate CAPPSNC™ software to directly interface with controllers on large CNC machines to provide dimensional metrology data for CMM reports, adaptive work offsets, and adaptive tool offsets for 3-5 axis closed-loop manufacturing.

Adaptive Manufacturing Software

Ray Karadayi, Applied Automation Technologies President and CEO emphasizes. “This CAPPSNC software is truly Factory 4.0 smart manufacturing technology because it is using metrology information throughout the manufacturing process for adaptive control.”

Chris Affer, AAT3D senior application engineer adds, “The software provides easy & precise part set up and machine axis diagnostics. This pre-process approach allows the aircraft manufacturer to set specific work and tool offsets before the machining process. In process adaptive manufacturing occurs when the software automatically makes machining program corrections with real-time in-process feedback through on-machine probing. Finally, in the post-process, detailed quality reports are created for the machine with SPC analysis and metrology data. Overall, CAPPSNC is being used for on-machine probing or on-machine 3D scanning. It supports sensor interfaces like CNC touch probes, scanning contact probes, non-contact laser scanners and non-contact CCD cameras. It provides dynamic feedback for errors due to part offsets, errors due to part fixturing, errors due to tool wear and errors due to thermal effects. Ultimately, it can provide all the necessary advanced CMM reporting.”

Affer explains further, “CAPPSNC is integrating a wide variety of CNC machines for on-machine inspection and smart manufacturing needs for machining centers, milling and turning machines, turret lathes, large scale 3D printing and additive manufacturing, waterjet and laser cutting machines as well as robotic applications. The most recent aircraft application has been applied at four separate aircraft manufacturing facilities linking twenty different CNC machines with two additional machines to be added at a later date.

About Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D)

Since 1987, Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) is a global leader in supplying software solutions for metrology, quality control and adaptive manufacturing systems. For more than 30 years AAT3D has developed CAD based online and offline dimensional measurement software products that are adapted into the manufacturing, quality control and automation processes. As an independent software provider AAT has developed an extensive library of controller interfaces for both CMM and CNC machine-tool controllers. These include CAPPSNC probing software, CAPPS DMIS CMM software, NCFIT NC part program reposting and DataView Feedback. The company has pioneered machine tool metrology with closed loop metrology software since the 1990’s. AAT software allows the adaption and programming of any machine-tool as a CMM with integrated capability of providing real time feedback to the controller allowing adaptive manufacturing to be performed.