Welding Automation Leader Pemamek Names Juhani Tuomola Application Manager of Wind Energy Segment

Finland-based global welding automation leader Pemamek Ltd. has named Juhani Tuomola Application Manager of the company’s Wind Energy segment. In his new role, Tuomola is responsible for leading Pemamek’s technical sales efforts in the wind tower and foundations industries, working closely with global customers and partners to develop solutions that meet the current and future needs of OEMs in the wind energy market.

Prior to his appointment as Application Manager, Tuomola was an Application Engineer in Pemamek’s Wind Energy segment for more than two years, which allowed him to work directly with customers to help find automated welding solutions for the challenges they experienced in this ever-changing industry. He gained a deep knowledge of Pemamek’s innovative technologies, developed over more than 50 years of in the automated welding industry and applied to the wind energy segment for nearly that long. As a Simulation Specialist, Tuomola supported sales efforts by simulating welding operations during sales calls both in-person and virtually.

Pemamek has a strong apprenticeship and internship program designed to prepare the next generation of automated welding experts for successful careers.

“The wind market has experienced significant growth over the years both in terms of the industry itself and the increasing size of wind towers and the platforms that hold them,” said Tuomola. “I believe that Pemamek’s turnkey solutions, from roller beds capable of turning these large-diameter sections to complete automated welding solutions, provide our existing customers with the ability to grow along with the industry and new customers the ability to participate. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the wind energy market and the possibilities are endless.”

For more information, call 513-206-0807, or browse www.pemamek.com.

About Pemamek

Pemamek Ltd., founded in 1970, is a global welding and production automation leader. With extensive 50-year experience in welding and production automation, Pemamek is dedicated to helping heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and the power generation industry, to raise the level of productivity.

Pemamek is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today, Pemamek employs 400 personnel at its headquarters and factory in Finland and has local sales offices in the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Poland.

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