SSP Materials at the Paris Airshow

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) isn’t at the Paris Airshow this week, but specialty silicones are flying high at the world’s premiere aviation event. Where can you find our innovative elastomers at France’s Le Bourget Airport? Here are five places to look for SSP’s aerospace and EMI shielding silicones, and some information you’ll appreciate even if you didn’t make the trip.

Aircraft Engines

There’s a strong chance that aircraft with GE/Safran or Pratt & Whitney engines are equipped with SSP-made silicone rubber. We can’t share all of the details, but our elastomers support advanced fan-blade and airflow designs for aviation powerplants. SSP’s aerospace silicones include AMS silicones, MIL-DTL-25988 fluorosilicones, and other specification-grade materials.

Aircraft Doors

The next time you enter an aircraft, look for the light gray silicone seals and flaps around the door frame. These gaskets provide reliable sealing, but it’s not just the elements that they withstand. SSP makes aerospace silicones that meet tough standards, including the full requirements of the AA59588 specification – with no exception for flexural testing.

Military Communications Equipment

The Paris Airshow isn’t just for the civilian aerospace industry. You’ll also find an array of military communications equipment there. SSP provides bonded EMI O-rings that reduce costs and improve performance and molded EMI O-rings that leverage our in-house machine shop for shorter lead times than you’ll get elsewhere. We can also supply you with die-cut parts and custom-molded EMI gaskets.

Inflight Wi-Fi

Inflight Wi-Fi lets you browse the Internet, check emails, and stream video service faster than ever before. Would you ever want to travel without it? SSP and its fabrication partners make EMI connector gaskets for inflight Wi-Fi hardware. Moreover, this Wi-Fi technology only works reliably with the EMI gaskets we make. Whether you’re at the Paris Airshow or planning your next domestic flight, that’s something to think about.

The AvMRO Market

Aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (AvMRO) organizations need specialty silicones, too. That’s why SSP supplies silicone molders with fresh and fully-tested silicone compounds so that our fabrication partners can make hundreds of essential parts for aircraft. Many of SSP’s sister subsidiaries from our parent company, Heico, are at the Paris Airshow this week.

Whether you’re on the ground at France’s Le Bourget Airport or back in the office at home, it’s easy to see why the aerospace industry needs specialty silicones.

For top-flight aerospace silicones and EMI shielding that goes the distance, contact SSP online or email Dominic Testo, SSP’s Business Development Manager.

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