Solcon Industries Welcomes New President Brad Nanna

Solcon Industries today announced the appointment of Brad Nanna as the new president of Solcon USA. “As a global leader for almost 40 years in providing solid state motor controls across industrial landscapes, Solcon is poised to expand the North American market with new technologies, new products and a new level of support,” said Gil Briman, CEO of Solcon Group. “Brad is the perfect choice to deploy these offerings utilizing Solcon’s expertise.”

solcon_log_webMr. Nanna’s industrial and application experience includes working with Westinghouse, Eaton Corporation, Siemens, and Rexel. “Solcon USA utilizes the global expertise of Solcon Industries and applies it to the unique application issues found within the North American market,” said Mr. Nanna. “Our products, solutions and certifications generate a level of customer support that simply can’t be matched. Engineers choose us because they know we are there to assist them throughout the lifetime of their project and motor starter application.”

“Choosing Brad for this position solidifies the positive changes Solcon USA has made over the last two years,” said Mr. Briman. “As an example of our commitment to our customers, Solcon USA moved into a larger manufacturing facility that delivered new technical and production capabilities. This year, Solcon USA will be deploying new technologies created specifically to solve challenges facing our industries.”

“It’s an exciting time for Solcon USA,” said Mr. Nanna. “We look forward to building upon Solcon Industries’ market reputation for delivering the reliable products you want deployed in your facilities, in your fields, in your mines and on your ships.”

ABOUT SOLCON USA: Solcon Industries has been manufacturing solid state soft starters for almost 40 years and is recognized throughout the world for their highly engineered solid state controls, protection products and world class service. Solcon USA delivers this same high level of product, service and support to the North American market. Service and support is also available from Solcon partners located in more than 75 countries around the world. Solcon offers a broad range of solid state soft start solutions from 115V to 15KV, up to 3000A.