Schreiner ProTech Expands Series of Pressure Compensation Seals for Electric Vehicles 

Various solutions address distinct EV needs, including charging protection, battery and motor pressure compensation and marking, and more. 

Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive and engineering-based industries, has expanded its series of pressure compensation seal (PCS) solutions for the rapidly growing electric vehicles sector. The full range now comprises solutions for charging protection, battery and motor production and lifespan management, and components marking and sealing.

An emerging trend for years, electric vehicles continue to make steady inroads in the automotive market. Most prominently, in August California regulators agreed to ban the sale of new gasoline-fueled cars by 2035. From a corporate standpoint, Ford is investing $30 billion toward its goal of making half its vehicles electric by 2030, while GM’s $35 billion investment through 2025 targets zero overall emissions. In addition, Volkswagen and Germany-based engineering giant Siemens are pouring nearly half a billion dollars into doubling its North American charging station infrastructure over the next two years.

In addition to their obvious environmental advantages, e-vehicles also bring a modicum of manufacturing ease, as they require fewer mechanical components than their conventional combustion engine counterparts. However, unsurprisingly e-vehicles have decidedly more electrical components requiring proper labeling and protection to ensure long-term functionality.

Notably, e-vehicles need robust, durable pressure compensation solutions in a variety of areas –including the battery and driving column – that must be resistant to steam jet cleaning. Here, it is increasingly important for such solutions to be lightweight and small is size, as these simplify production processes and save on warehousing space and shipping costs. To meet these needs, Schreiner ProTech’s expanded range of pressure compansation seals (PCS) include:

  • Vehicle charging protection: During the EV charging process, the electric current generated leads to high temperatures in the charging plug and socket area. These temperature fluctuations result in pressure differences in the electronic housing. A modified version of Schreiner ProTech’s PCS HighProtect pressure compensation seals comprise a membrane that protects electronic housings against potential damage.
  • Battery management: In addition to various PCS solutions, Schreiner ProTech’s PreScript warning and information plates help manage the production, storage, installation and lifespan of EV batteries.
  • Motor Marking: The motor of an e-vehicle must deliver reliable performance with low noise emissions. Schreiner ProTech supplies numerous marking solutions as well as double-sided adhesive die-cut parts for precise, noise-reducing component adjoinment. To meet rugged needs, its segment-specific PCS HighProtect is extremely flat and particularly steam jet-resistant.
  • For complicated EV power electronics units, which control the motor and convert direct current into alternating current for the powertrain, Schreiner ProTech’s customized PCS HighProtect and self-adhesive pressure compensation seals provide a worry-free combination of housing seals and warning/information plates.

For added value, Schreiner ProTech’s PCS products come in adhesive rolls that can be automatically applied and made translucent for easier product labeling and camera-readable traceability. Such solutions also make mandatory, chemical-resistant labeling of high-voltage parts simpler and more user-friendly throughout the supply chain.

About Schreiner ProTech

Schreiner ProTech, a business unit of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG based in Oberschleissheim near Munich (Germany) and production sites in Blauvelt (USA) and Shanghai (China), develops innovative film-based functional components and industrial marking and security solutions. From thermal-transfer printing, laser marking and RFID solutions all the way to pressure compensation seals and printed electronics: the certified development partner and systems supplier offers solutions which help optimize processes, reduce costs, make life healthier and safer, and enhance human mobility. All of Schreiner ProTech’s solutions for the mobility and electronics markets as well as for mechanical engineering are specifically tailored to meet customers’ needs.

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