MK-590 by Markee International


Markee International Corporation, long known for its dedication to solving corrosion problems with water-based chemistry, has announced a new product. MK-590, designed as a supplement to any water-based process chemical to enhance ferrous corrosion inhibition.

MK-590 was developed as an additive for polymer quenchants, machining and grinding coolants, mass finishing and washing compounds, and water-based sizing lubricants.  As little as 1% of this product added to the pumps will provides in-process corrosion control, supplementing the normal ingredients of these other products.

Markee products for sizing, rust inhibiting, mass finishing, machining, and grinding are all water based, green, and essentially VOC free.  A chart comparing the relative cost of protection using various Markee products is available by contacting Markee at 1.800.860.1124.  More information on Markee products, along with details of Markee’s strict “green” standards can be found at

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