Cetec ERP to Revolutionize Manufacturing Efficiency at Design 2 Part Show in Texas 

Cetec ERP is pleased to announce plans to exhibit its industry-leading software tailored to meet the unique needs of machine shops and metal fabrication businesses at the Design 2 Part Show, scheduled to take place March 13-14, 2024 in Irving, TX.

Cetec ERP offers tailored solutions for machine shops and metal fabrication, providing a comprehensive suite of features to enhance operational efficiency. With intelligent scheduling capabilities, the software optimizes production timelines, ensuring on-time deliveries through streamlined resource allocation. The advanced inventory management system offers real-time visibility, minimizing the risk of stockouts by ensuring accurate stock tracking. Powerful job costing tools facilitate accurate production cost calculations, enabling better decision-making and cost control.

The seamless integration of barcode scanning enhances data accuracy and expedites data entry processes, reducing human errors in critical processes. For shop floor operations, Cetec ERP provides real-time data access, enabling efficient work order management and improving overall production workflow. The robust quality management module ensures adherence to stringent quality standards, ultimately enhancing the delivery of superior products and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Cetec ERP and their advanced manufacturing software solutions, visit www.cetecerp.com.


Cetec ERP is disrupting a stagnant, high dollar industry that has resisted change for decades. Since 2015, and without any major marketing initiatives or venture capital funding, Cetec ERP has independently migrated hundreds of companies off legacy technology platforms like Oracle and NetSuite, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, onto a new generation of lower cost ERP technology.

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