BIG DAISHOWA Opens State-of-the-Art Facility to Increase Manufacturing Capacity

Earlier this year BIG DAISHOWA Seiki Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) opened its ninth production plant at its Awaji, Japan, manufacturing facility. The 49,500-square-meter plant is designed to meet today’s production needs and accommodate future growth.

The facility, which began operations in January 2024, is equipped with 21 multitasking machines and 23 automatic lathes. The initial production target is 20,000 tools per month, with potential to double this output. Production will focus on BBT and BT tool holders in taper sizes 30-50.

A MEGA VIP Center welcomes visitors and highlights BIG DAISHOWA’s cutting-edge technologies and commitment to innovation.

BIG DAISHOWAAutomation plays a key role in the plant’s operations. Robots and Automated Guided Forklifts streamline material handling, increasing efficiency and ensuring consistent quality. Automation also improves productivity and process reliability.

Environmental sustainability is a priority at the new facility. A central filtration system recycles coolant at several places throughout the facility. Advanced air purification systems capture and treat oil mist in the machines to maintain a clean factory environment and minimize emissions.

As a member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group (Osaka, Japan), BIG DAISHOWA Inc. is a recognized global tooling provider, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Switzerland and Japan. BIG DAISHOWA is also the North American representative of Speroni tool measuring machines, Sphinx high performance drills, mptec measuring stands, Tekusa spindle cleaners and the UNILOCK zero-point workholding system.

For more information, contact BIG DAISHOWA, Hoffman Estates, IL at 224-770-2999, e-mail or visit

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