Mastercam Joins WorldSkills!

WorldSkills International is happy to welcome Mastercam and its expertise in CNC machining software to the Global Partner group.

Mastercam products are sold through their worldwide network of certified value-added Resellers. Their Resellers provide the highest level of service, including product training, start-up services, and ongoing support. Being a Global Partner helps to bring skills excellence to the WorldSkills Members.

WorldSkillsDavid Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International, was pleased to bring Mastercam into the partnership. “At WorldSkills, we are looking for the best industry partners globally that believe in the WorldSkills mission and vision, and collectively want to improve the world with the power of skills. Mastercam supports our goals and wants to help us in the machining arena increase the excellence in skills. I look forward to working closely with Mastercam throughout this partnership.”

For Meghan West, President of CNC Software, Inc. / Mastercam, partnering with WorldSkills made strategic sense. “For more than 20 years, Mastercam has proudly held the designation of Exclusive CAM Partner at WorldSkills, and the transition to a Global Partner further solidifies our relationship and commitment to the Competition. We are excited for the future of both the WorldSkills events, as well as the future of manufacturing and skilled trades as a whole.”

The partnership with Mastercam and WorldSkills begins in early 2016 but the long-term strategies and partnerships are already being discussed. We look forward to working together.

About Mastercam
Mastercam offers solutions for designers and NC programmers in a spectrum of industries, including milling, turning, wire EDM, router programming, plasma cutting, lasers, and 3D design and drafting. CNC Software’s customers range from one-person job shops to Fortune 100 manufacturers. The same software that is utilized by corporations such as Boeing, IBM, and Sikorsky is still affordable enough for the small job shop. To ensure a new generation of trained metal and woodworking personnel, Mastercam is available to educational institutions at sizable discounts.

As CNC Software, Inc. and its flagship Mastercam continue to grow and expand into new markets and technology, our focus remains on our customers. We are committed to delivering tools that support the higher productivity and greater precision demanded by today’s, and tomorrow’s, manufacturing.

About WorldSkills
WorldSkills is the global hub for skills excellence and development. Through international cooperation and development between industry, government, organizations, and institutions, we promote the benefits of and need for skilled professionals through grass-roots community projects, skill competitions, and knowledge exchange. We show how important skills education and training is for youth, industries and society by challenging young professionals around the world to become the best in the skill of their choice.