2019 Open House & Training Event is Great Success for Cosen Saws

Cosen Saws is excited to have completed their second annual Open House and Training event. The Open House was held at their North American Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. This year, the attendance more than doubled with nearly 100 guests who visited throughout the week. Guests included Cosen distribution and dealers from around the nation, nearly 20 service techs from their national service network, Cosen end-users, Cosen’s internal sales network, members of Cosen’s sister company Mechalogix, and special guests from Europe and Taiwan.

“The main goal of the Open House was to provide continued education about the brand and our products, as well as training on machine function, operation, & repair,” says Hayden Peterson, marketing specialist for Cosen Saws.

Sales and distribution were given refreshers on machine basics and applications, analysis of the sawing market, marketing, and new resources presentations, and seminar presentations on various Cosen technologies such as Mechalogix, V_Drive, and Q-Cut.

Blade Manufactures Wikus and M.K. Morse were also present with information available for guests. Wikus gave a special presentation on blade analysis and their product lines. Previously in 2018, Bacho had been a special guest.

Attendees of the service tech portion engaged in both class and hands-on activities which provided further education on machine inspections, installations, preventative maintenance and repair.

Additionally, this open house served as a premier to Cosen’s new Circular Series line of saws, with the new CC-100 model being on display and demonstrated. Other saws on display and demo at the event were Cosen’s AV-2026NC, C-510MNC, C-520NC, C-260NC, SH-500M, and MH-300DM models.

Attendees were given the opportunity to mingle and network at nightly receptions. Guests received resource packets, media kits, and other materials to help make their life in the field easier.

This year’s Open House was considered a great success and the feedback Cosen received was positive. Due to the growth in attendance from 2018 to 2019, Cosen will not hold another Open House and Training event until 2021. Cosen will, however, host regional training and networking seminars in different areas of the country. This will give opportunity to those who did not make it to the event due to scheduling or travel distance.

“Cosen sees these types of events as a necessity in order for us to reach our goal in becoming the leader in band saw manufacturing,” says Peterson, “and the number one provider of quality service after the sale.”

About Cosen Saws

Founded in 1976, Cosen is one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers with a broad product line and a global sales network including Cosen USA and Cosen Europe. Cosen’s North American office and warehouse is located in Charlotte, NC. From there, the company provides an extensive selection of service replacement parts and local machine technicians. Our warehouse inventory contains over 100 new machines in stock and ready to ship at all times. Cosen offers 140 models including vertical, horizontal, miter-cutting, NC & CNC automatic and customized band saws. Capacity ranges from 7 to 126 inches; cutting materials from steel to titanium, chromium and silicon. The diverse cutting abilities of Cosen machines serve numerous industries such as construction, automobile, transportation, wind power generation, etc. Cosen was rated as the No. 1 Sawing Equipment Brand by U.S. Metal Center News in 2015. In 2016, the company launched it’s Industry 4.0 MechaLogix CPC App – positioning itself as the technology leader in band saw manufacturing.

For more information, visit www.cosensaws.com.