Tech Molded Plastics, Inc. hosts Technology Leadership students from Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s Applied Technology Program for an inside look at advanced manufacturing.

How often do students get a chance to witness an inside look at advanced technology applied to their future career? Not often…


Most graduates from high school and college don’t get a chance to experience the vast opportunity of skilled technology careers until they finish their degree. By then, it’s too late.

Clarion University and Tech Molded Plastics recognized the need to show students how their studies apply to real-world opportunities. The result was an interactive experience that took 19 students inside the process of molding precision plastics, problem solving and topics essential to job satisfaction. The students had an opportunity to talk directly with skilled technicians as they performed their jobs on some of the most advanced precision manufacturing technology in the industry. Beyond machines and equipment, they experienced the integration of quality systems, procedures, work instructions, leadership skills, communication tools and information technology required to maintain competitive advantage.

“When you read about the application of robotics working hand-in-hand with conveying systems and skilled people, you don’t see the art and craftsmanship of the men and women that make it all happen,” stated Tech’s VP of Facilities Doug Hanaway. The interactive experience laid out the path where business development engineers, marketing specialists, accountants, human resources, quality technicians and other skilled people work as a team to make the products that are taken for granted every day.

Tech Molded Plastics

Stereotypes were shattered in the feedback session with comments on an extremely clean, white-room environment organized methodically with automation, smiling people, computers at every work-cell and career opportunities for most all skills.  The most critical step to success is taking the first step to learn. Clarion University and Tech Molded Plastics believe in the next generation of gifted students. Their look inside advanced manufacturing takes them one step closer to a successful career.

Side Note: Tech was a sponsor at the October 1st and 2nd Manufacturing Day event coordinated by the Manufacturers and Business Association located in Erie, PA. The event introduced over 1,000 students from around the region to careers and companies that make things move, make them safe, and make them dream of what can be.

About Tech Molded Plastics, Inc.:
Located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Tech Molded Plastics specializes in high performance molding of engineered resins for complex applications. The Tech Molded Plastics family is proud to celebrate a long history of competitive spirit and talent that our people share.


Tech has embraced the industry’s ongoing challenge of developing the skills needed for today’s sophisticated manufacturing environment.

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