Nowadays, more and more products are being manufactured from stainless steel and higher and higher requirements are being placed on the surface finish of these products. In the process, a problem has appeared that does not seem to be spectacular at first glance, but ultimately causes high costs: extraneous rust.

Preventing tools from coming into the surfaces of usually very expensive parts during grinding is extremely difficult. Depending on the material of the tool, minuscule particles remain on the surface even in case of only brief contact. These particles become visible as extraneous rust over time.

To prevent this problem, a careful and therefore timely procedure is required.

The universal SUHNER machines with a flexible shaft are the grinding technology of choice for professional applications. Their versatility, performance and flexibility are second to none. As a result, they have been firmly established in industry and trade for years.

Stainless Steel For Stainless Steel

SUHNER – the specialist in this area – has now developed a series of new handpieces for this all-rounder. They bear the additional designation “INOX” and put an end to the problem of extraneous rust. The series comprises four basic models plus international variants, of which each is almost completely manufactured of stainless steel – from the external jacket to the clamping nut. In practice, this means: no contamination with rusting particles, the greatest possible protection of the workpieces and a clear reduction of costs.

Technology In Detail

The structural design with dimensions, weight, speed ranges, and so on remains identical. The new handpieces thus fit the existing machines.

To protect the ball bearing and dampen vibrations, the handpieces have an elastic bearing. This makes machining with carbide cutters agreeable and protects the tools, while guaranteeing true running and a long service life. The handle sleeve is uncoupled from the working spindle. Air chambers in the bearing have an heat-insulating effect.

During vibration measurements with carbide cutters, a 50% reduction was measured in comparison with previous handpieces. For a quick and easy change, the new handpieces are equipped with an additional mounting aid.

The chuck diameters amount to 6, 8 and 12 mm with corresponding variants for the international market. The handle sleeves have a cylindrical shape for safe clamping in chucks, e.g., for the attachment of safety devices or customer-specific adaptations.

The external diameters are as follows: 18.5, 25 and 32 mm.

SUHNER also provides all flexible shafts with stainless hose couplings that fit all handpieces in the standard design. This combination guarantees the long service life of both devices.

Areas of Application

The new, straight handpieces have been specifically developed for the processors of INOX materials in the area of surface processing or refinement. They are used in container construction for the pharmaceutical and food sectors, the construction of large kitchen furniture, the metal construction of stainless steel doors and windows, and railing construction and wherever a lasting, fine finish is decisive in stainless steel processing.

Four New Compact Pneumatic Grinders

With four new pneumatic grinders, SUHNER is presenting a set of particularly lightweight, quiet, and handy tools. They are the optimal combination of ergonomics and performance. They are designed primarily for machine building, tool and mold making and maintenance, aircraft construction, astronautics, automotive manufacturing, and foundries.

These compact tools feature an exhaust air duct directed backwards, an integrated silencer, and a safety lever valve.  Just over 1 inch in diameter, the tools are a delight to use for fine work. A flexible bearing reduces vibrations to a minimum. The air consumption is between 7 and 28 cfm.


The 250 W straight grinder LSB 25 H weighs only 13.4 oz and measures a handy 7.8 inches in length. Operating at 25,000 rpm, it is ideal for carbide cutters and formed abrasives. This unites precision with powerful material removal.



Operating at 4500 rpm, the angle die grinder LWB 4 is the right tool for powerful, low speed cutting on materials like aluminum and fiber composites.



Low speed work is also the domain of the heavy-duty angle grinder LPB 4 with ¼“ thread. The unusually low profile angled head lends this tool extraordinary maneuverability within tight spaces without sacrificing torque.


LLC 35

The 350 W long neck straight grinder LLC 35 specializes in work on narrow sites that are hard to access. Its power and its speed of 35,000 rpm make it ideal for applications with carbide cutters.


Details That Have Stood The Test Of Time

The machines are delivered as standard with ¼ collet chucks, air supply hose, and exhaust air hose. The LPB 4 angle grinder features a ¼“ spindle instead of the chuck. The models LPB 4, LWB 4, and LSB 25 are fitted with a centrifugal governor for a constant working speed even under load.  Diverse machining operations are possible with the wide choice of abrasives like carbide cutters, formed abrasives, grinding sleeves, cartridge rolls, wire brushes.

Know-How On Site

SUHNER provides demo services for application expertise. This offers interested parties expert advice free of charge from experienced sales representatives. The demo services vehicle carries all of the usual tools, attachments, and abrasives, and the right end-to-end solution can be found directly on site based on the actual workpieces.


Since Otto Suhner started to produce flexible shafts in 1914 (through to his experience within the wires-business in Brugg), the company has developed constantly.

Maximize your performance, increase the flexibility of your production and assembly, improve your production results and manufacturing processes, all with SUHNER special tools and special components.

For optimized processing and finishing of industrial surfaces, we are offering specialized tools for ABRASIVE production. With our processing units, CNC tool holders and automated systems, SUHNER multiplies the capacity of your machining production within their AUTOMATION division. Their TRANSMISSION and STAMPING divisions feature customer-specific configured series of components and assemblies. These unique Transmission and Stamping components make SUHNER tools reliable. The strengths of their four divisions are linked for your benefit in your practice.

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