4 Packaging Solutions Case Studies from Signode Industrial Group

In terms of your current production facility, getting your products to your clients, distributors, or end users is just as important as the quality that is put into manufacturing the product. Many businesses find themselves in demanding environments where their packaging is slowed down by bottlenecks, packages are under or overfilled, or worst-case, damaged.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, Signode Industrial Group makes the bulk transportation of goods possible. They produce strap, stretch and protective packaging. The company manufactures packaging tools and equipment used to apply the bulk packaging materials. These commercial packaging products are used to contain, unitize, protect and secure goods during warehousing and shipment.

Their company has been a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the sector.

In the four case studies, you will learn:

  1. How a leading manufacturer of A.S.M.E & standard tank heads, hot-formed tank heads, cones, manways and rolled shells, needed a way to wrap heavy, odd-shaped loads while the pallet remains on the forklift. Varying in size and material, tank heads measure from 8 5/8” diameters to 16’ diameters. Each day the company ships roughly 27,000 lbs of product in about 40 pallets, throughout the United States and Mexico.
  2. An established craft brewer opened a new state-of-the-art facility in 2013. With a longstanding tradition to producing quality beers, the facility itself is equally impressive. Solar panels, bike stations and green parking spots also reinforce the company’s commitment to sustainability. Producing 500,000-600,000 barrels of beer each year, the facility operates 24/6 and wraps roughly 400 beer pallets and over 170 barrel pallets each day. In order to meet high volume demands, the company needed a reliable solution that would achieve optimal load containment
  3. How an internet fulfillment center located in Pennsylvania was interested in increasing throughput and eliminating box jams. The facility was shipping in the range of 600 to 6,000 random size boxes per day and needed a solution.
  4. How the BXT3 hand tool for plastic strapping provides reliable, intuitive, and consistent performance with real-time indication of applied tension force.

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