KISTERS Releases OnVidus 3DViewStation for 3D & 2D CAD

Web-based access to assemblies and documents from anywhere- Kisters OnVidus

announced OnVidus, a new member of the 3DViewStation product family. Kisters OnVidus in combination with Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer is a comfortable visualization solution, which gives all users access to their 3D & 2D CAD data, office and other documents. The access is provided not only inside the corporate network, but also from outside while traveling, using any mobile device including Smartphones.


After the user has signed in at Kisters OnVidus he will be able to browse folders like on a Windows PC. He can also simply search by name or metadata or recognize assemblies or documents via their preview images. After clicking on an object it will be rendered with the unique speed of Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer, even on your mobile device in just seconds while travelling. As Kisters OnVidus, like WebViewer, is a HTML5 application, the layout will automatically be adjusted according to the size of the device and no client installation is required. Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer does not transfer any assembly nor document to the device which ensures a very high speed even at low bandwidths and intellectual property (IP) protection.

Making data available in OnVidus is similar to working on your local file system: First of all folders can be created. Then files will be uploaded and automatically translated into the very fast and compact 3DViewStation file format, preview images will be generated and metadata can be assigned. In case of an existing internal system the content might be synchronized completely automated, without any user interaction.

Means OnVidus is the perfect visualization server for all sizes of enterprises.

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The KISTERS 3DViewStation product family is developed by very closely following customer requirements; supports many 3D and 2D file formats and is available as Desktop, ActiveX and HTML5 WebViewer product-version. All product flavors are intended to be used together with a PLM-, ERP- or other management system like product configuration or service & spare part applications, providing all necessary APIs. For cloud, portal and web-solutions there are the HTML5-based WebViewer and the solution OnVidus available, which do not require any client installation at all. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation- and hyperlinking features to address needs of complex integration scenarios.

KISTERS is a worldwide growing IT-company which has been founded in 1963 as an engineering agency. Its 500+ employees develop resource management systems for energy, water and air, and information systems for the area of environment protection and safety. Professional competence and operational experience with more than 3000 customers and more than 150.000 installed licenses make KISTERS an internationally sought-after partner for software solutions.
One core focus of the IT-solution department is the development and sales of visualization solutions for CAD-data and documents including integrations to ECM & PLM systems, service and product configuration applications. To satisfy the various market requirements KISTERS offers own developments of visualization tools. Customers appreciate 20+ year experience in this area.

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