The Workhorse of GE’s Additive Portfolio – M2 Cusing: 3D-Metal Part Production Laser Printer Available Now!

The M2 cusing family is the workhorse of the GE Additive product portfolio and used across a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical and dental and is well-suited to scenarios and applications where industrialization is a key outcome, especially for medium-sized parts.

A special feature of this machine type is its fully integrated, compact design. That means there are no “satellite solutions” for laser source and filter technology. Users such as Continental AG benefit from this solution’s excellent accessibility to all system components and low footprint. Like all machine solutions from Concept Laser, the M2 cusing also features physical separation of the process chamber and the handling area to ensure user-friendliness and safe operation. One special feature is the new filter concept. The filter surface was enlarged from previously 4 m² to now 20 m² and thus by a factor of 5. The filter module was designed with fixed piping and fully integrated into the system. Increasing the filter surface has a positive effect on the change intervals. The plant availability also increases significantly and a real three-shift operation is possible.

Machine Details

Machine System: M2 cusing, welded steel frame design, for processing reactive
and non reactive powder materials using the LaserCUSING-technology.
Process module, handling station, powder handling and inert gas filtration performed
under ATEX Guideline II (category 3D, Zone 22) for flammable or explosive materials.
Sealed process chamber with redundant oxygen online analysis for additional safety within the build
Build envelope: 250 x 250 x 280 mm (x, y, z)
Laser  Optics: 400 Watt System
Diode-pumped Yb-fibre laser, 1 x 400W 1 x digital 3-axis scan system, dynamic
Interface board SCANLAB RTC® 5
1 x SCANLAB intelliSCAN® 20
Scanning system with a powerful control algorithm and interface capabilities for diagnostics and communication.
max. 6 m/s
SCANLAB varioscande40i
50 – 500µm (typical weld seam width 70 – 150 µm)
Focus system with highly dynamic and precise positioning of the laser focus.
Positioning within milliseconds allows for high-speed scanning of up to 6 m/s.


The Materialise Magics software, which has a modular structure, offers all of the tools required for the LaserCUSING® process and can be expanded and adapted to meet customer requirements. The standard version includes the modules RP (basic module), SG (Support Generator), Ctools and CL Slice module (generation of CLS slice files). Examples of options that are available are specific import filters for all customary 3D formats and the advanced support module (SG+) and the structure module for generating internal or external structures on the component.

Peripherals (included in machine delivery): 

  • Container for filter cartridges
  • Second filter housing
  • Lifting and transportation device for material handling
  • 1 material exchange container made of stainless steel
  • 2 build platforms steel 250 x 250 x 25 mm
  • Hand demagnetising device including Gaussmeter
  • Compressed air file ( Turbolap TTL-07 ) for the manual finishing of parts
  • Cleaning and handling kit including: hand sieve, brush, shovel, rubber gloves and filter mask
  • 3 different recoater blades ( rubber blade, plastic blade and steel blade )
  • ESD safety kit
  • PSE basic equipment including: 2 pcs. disposable protective suit size XL, 2 pcs. heat protection gloves, 2 pcs. full face breathing mask size M, 4 pcs. particle filter for breathing mask

Come See This State-Of-The-Art technology in Operation. Includes over $30,000 in materials.


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