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Trim-Lok, Inc. is a global leader in thermoplastic and thermoset rubber profile extrusions. For nearly 50 years, our innovative and traditional processing methods have enabled us to meet the most challenging requirements for top quality plastic and rubber trim and seal parts. Our highly skilled team can design parts and tooling, and then fabricate them to your exact specifications ensuring performance and value. We adhere to strict quality control standards and invest in modern equipment and highly skilled employees who are experienced in all phases of manufacturing and production so that you can count on reliability, efficiency and repeatability. From engineering to inspection Trim-Lok can repeatedly provide complex shapes, within specific tolerances, with extreme accuracy and exacting finishes.

Trim-Lok Designs Safety Solution for Large Retailer

Solving Sealing Problems with Custom DesignsTrim-Lok partnered with a leading producer of consumer goods to solve a sealing problem on their bear-resistant cooler. Trim-Lok...

Trim-Lok Designs Safety Solution for Large Retailer

How Trim-Lok Helped a Large Retailer Solve a Safety IssueTrim-Lok specializes in custom engineered solutions to meet your specific needs.  We recently worked with...

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