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IMD December 2023

Talking Shop with: Al Dopf — National Sales Manager, Hainbuch America. How To Adapt Your Workflow Processes When Change Is Difficult. Find out how you can address changes in workflow processes that meet resistance with team members. Collision Impact Protection Leads to a Safer Warehouse Environment. Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Cobots Boost Production 200% on TIG and MIG Welding and 600% on Machine Tending for Metal Fabricator. Bridging the Skills Gap in Welding Through Gender Inclusivity. Dynamically Accelerating Large Workpieces for Efficient Processing. Fit for the Future Thanks to Smart Robot Welding Technology. What Are You Made Of? Different materials make gears suitable for the desired application. The key involves identifying the right recipe.

IMD November 2023

Innovative Solutions and Expert Insights from Scotchman Industries. Impactful Cybersecurity Tips for Your Business. Utilizing IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing. The A Team: Innovating Today’s Custom Tooling Process. Electroimpact SCRAM system sculpts new possibilities. Today’s Workforce Development Requires a Sound Strategy. How CT Data Analysis is helping TE Connectivity Reach Their Ultimate Goal of End-to-End Quality Inspection. Dry electropolishing — More Sustainability in the Field of Surface Finishing. 10 Areas Manufacturers Might See an Impact from AI

IMD October 2023

Talking Shop with: Bob Sutphen — Founder & CEO, LD Systems. Closed-loop Quality improves manufacturing. The Positive Impacts of Destratification on Energy Consumption, Building Performance, and Workplace Comfort. Cobots boost production 200% on TIG and MIG welding and 600% on machine tending for metal fabricator. Choosing a Robotic Spindle for Deburring. Manufacturing Challenges and Solutions Series: Labor Shortage. Ergonomic welding—a contradiction in terms?. Advanced meters deliver powerful data, graphs and energy insights

IMD September 2023

Leading with Innovation — ANCA’s CEO Martin Ripple AIMS for Automation and Robotics. Bob Walker — NASA, Machining, and the Skyhook. An Inside Look: Innovating with Additive Manufacturing in GE Power Turbines Metal Additive Manufacturing Launches Learning Experience on Rocket Turbopump Design – A Case study in Workforce Development and Student Ingenuity. How Industrial Suppliers Can Collaborate to Improve Uptime Through Automated Inventory Management. AI and AM: A Powerful Synergy. 2024 – The Year of the Brownfield – How Equipment and Technology Upgrades Can Help Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage in a Changing Economy

IMD August 2023

Connecting with Willem Sundblad, CEO and Co-Founder. Data Driven Optimization - AI, Analytics, and Oden Technologies. EVs - Changing the Game. The Story of American Made. Robot-Ready Grinding Systems Speed Automation Deployment. Additive Manufacturing - Meeting Workforce Demand. First-Ever Flame-Retardant 3D Printable Materials. Digitalization and Additive Manufacturing - Leveraging the Real and Virtual Worlds. Additive Manufacturing is Ready for Prime Time. Industry News: #AdditiveManufacturing #MetalCutting

IMD July 2023

Connecting with Rahul Garg - VP Industrial Machinery and SMB Program, Siemens Digital Industries Software. AI Discusses AI. An Update on the CHIPs and Science Act of 2022. 3D Laser Scanning Enables Unique Reimagining of 1863 “The Freedman” Sculpture. The Hidden Harms of Heat Stress: A Primer on Prevention and Protection. Powering the Robotic Revolution: Women in Advanced Manufacturing. Automated Dosing of Coolants and Lubricants in Grinding Machines. Can You Make This Part? Industry News: #AI #Robotics #AdditiveManufacturing #AdvancedManufacturing #Sustainability

IMD June 2023

Over 1,700 companies in 400 categories in IMD's annual industrial buyers-suppliers guide. With a 12-month shelf-life, and distribution at more than 28 Trade Shows, Industrial Machinery Digest’s Annual Suppliers Guide reaches decision-makers and EDA-verified buyers throughout dozens of industry sectors worldwide.

IMD May 2023

Airfoils & Thermal Dissipation: The Science Behind A Big Ass Fan. Commercializing Defense Technology. Pipeline Plastics. Robotic Automation and the Workforce. Roadmapping your Move to Robots. Selecting the Right Robotic Spindle. 3D Printing: To Buy or Not to Buy. Industry News. #DigitalTransformation #AdvancedManufacturingCapacity

IMD April 2023

IMD Industry X Blueprinting Workshop: Create Your Journey. Schuler and the Smart Press Shop: Digitalization with Digital Suite. Deloitte and The Smart Factory@Wichita. The Laser: Our Modern Lightsaber. Using Robots with Toxins. Lasers and Surface Pre-Treatment. Introducing EFC-02 — Suhner's Electric Force Compliance System. Industry News. #Interoperability #Lasers #DigitalTwin #IoT #Robotics #AdditiveManufacturing #AdvancedFuelCells

IMD March 2023

Amp Up Packaging Productivity with Robots. Talking Shop with: Dr. Daniel Engels — Consultant, Professor, CTO, Cybersecurity & IoT Expert. Don’t MES with SCADA or MOM will be Upset! Maximizing Automation Benefits through Software. Forecasting CHIPS for Chips. Advantages of Automated Warehouse Conveyor Systems. Digitalization — Next Stops On Your Journey. Robots-as-a-Service in the Warehouse. Want PEAK with that? Preventing Workplace Injuries in Load Handling.
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