Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests: Empowering Machine Builders

Manufacturers are increasingly requiring digital twins from their machine builders for virtual factory acceptance tests. By embracing game-changing technology, machine builders can exceed the demands of their customers, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market. Watch the on-demand webinar and find out what the virtual factory approach can accomplish.

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A Comprehensive Digital Twin Solution and Virtual Commissioning for Machine Design

Creating a comprehensive digital twin for industrial machines reduces costs, accelerates time to market, and also harnesses the layers of complexity and data in machine design.

This on-demand webinar highlights the possibilities within the virtual factory, which includes virtual commissioning solutions.

Taking advantage of virtual commissioning allows machine builders to:

  • Find and fix errors sooner
  • Verify sequence of operations
  • Train personnel before the machine is even built
  • Use the digital twin for validation and promotion

Overall, virtual commissioning enables parallel work, shorter time to market, and reduced real commissioning time.

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Reduce cost and time to market with 3D CAD virtual factory acceptance test

With the right 3D CAD tool, machine builders can put together a virtual factory representation of the physical factory.

Once the virtual factory is built within the 3D CAD environment, a combination of different simulation models tests individual mechanical, automation, and logic components, as well as their interactions with one another.

This virtual factory acceptance test informs machine builders sooner when a problem arises, and it presents opportunities for machine optimization before machine-building and during operation.

Watch the on-demand webinar and discover how 3D CAD solutions enable virtual factory acceptance tests.

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Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how machine builders can exceed demand

This on-demand webinar takes an in-depth look at the virtual factory and virtual factory software solutions.

Watch to find out how virtual commissioning improves performance and productivity for production machines, production cells, and production lines.

The on-demand webinar features real-time examples, case studies, and a roadmap for getting started.

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Scott Felber Manager of NX Design Product Marketing, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Scott Felber is an NX Product Engineering Software Marketing Manager with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Scott’s main task is to help customers and prospects identify value around the use of Siemens software products with a focus on NX for Design and how that integrates into their current processes. He can also discuss the use of NX in the context of Teamcenter, Process Automation, and many other upstream and downstream uses for the design data. He works with customers and prospects to help them build a plan to transform their business and processes by identifying non-value activities and ways to eliminate them.

Colm Gavin Portfolio Development Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Colm Gavin has worked for Siemens for 19 years and is currently responsible for the promotion of digitalization topics from Siemens Digital Industries Software group for machine and line builders. In this position, he has leveraged his experience in discrete manufacturing to help companies take advantage of the new innovations coming with Industry 4.0.

Siemens Digital Factory (DF)

Siemens Digital Factory (DF) offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software, and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide in enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reducing the time to market their products.

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