New Ipsen Video- Replacing Door Seals on Atmosphere Furnace

Replacing Door Seals on an Atmosphere Furnace

Checking and replacing door seals on a regular basis is an easy way to maintain your heat-treating system and keep it in peak condition. Throughout this video, Ipsen walks you through a quick, step-by-step process for replacing the door seal on an atmosphere furnace. For those of you with vacuum furnace equipment, we previously shared a video on installing the lip seal or O-ring on a rotating vacuum furnace door.

Overall, inspecting the door seal is important as it may crack, fray or gap over time, which can then cause the furnace to leak. The most common indication the seal needs to be replaced is leaking gas or smoke. Some important tips to remember include:

  • Make sure the furnace is in a safe condition. This includes raising the door and locking it into position.
  • Before removing the seal, confirm you have the correct replacement size. This will help avoid unnecessary downtime.
  • Confirm that your seal is completely in place. You may need to tap it with a rubber mallet and a block of wood for a uniform seal.

If you require any technical assistance with replacing your door seal, please call Ipsen’s Aftermarket Support Helpline at 1-844-Go-Ipsen (Toll Free: 1-844-464-7736; International: +1-815-332-2530) or fill out the Ask an Expert form.

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