KOMET KUB Centron Powerline Provides Maximum Drilling Performance

With its double-sided design, the KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline provides maximum drilling performance, effectively working at twice the feed rates of conventional deep hole drills, as well as optimal dimensional accuracy at drilling depths 4xD – 9xD.

The KOMET GROUP is one of the world’s leading providers of high-precision KOMET® drilling and reaming tools for efficient bore machining. Our potential for providing innovative solutions, a comprehensive performance spec- trum and personal commitment form the basis for successful partnerships with our customers.

With the development of solid drill bits, KOMET® entered completely new territory in the Seventies.

The KUB® solid drill bit range has now become a leading concept in tool design.

Through the use of high-performance carbides and the latest generation of coatings, the cutting edges are always ideally matched with the solid bit drilling process.

The KOMET GROUP also provides its service and after-sales spectrum internationally. You will find us in any location where you manufacture products which demand a high level of quality.