Jamie Rosenberger — Director of Marketing, Allied Machine & Engineering

What can we expect from Allied Machine & Engineering at this year’s IMTS show in Chicago?

As always, Allied brings a unique theme to IMTS in 2022. This year we invite attendees to come see what’s on draft at Allied’s Pro Sports Bar in booth #W-431436. Not only will we have a machine in the booth and be running live demos all week, but we will also be serving beer and have various games to play. Additionally, our knowledgeable field sales engineers, application engineers and product managers will be staffing the booth to answer any product questions or application concerns.

How does it feel to be back at in-person events while the industry and the world gets back to “normal” amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

While we have all adapted to COVID protocols, there is nothing like face-to-face interaction. We are extremely excited to see people, talk in person, discuss what is going on in the industry and provide details about the new technology that we have while also giving individuals the opportunity to get to know the associates at Allied and how we can bring them the best holemaking solutions.

What are you looking forward to most at IMTS 2022?

Our hope is that individuals will really get to know us at IMTS and realize the level of service and care Allied Machine offers through our field sales engineers, application engineers and product managers—all of whom will be in our booth to discuss products and applications and answer any questions.

We will be showcasing the T-A Pro high penetration replaceable insert drilling system. This product that you know and love combines material-specific insert geometries, a redesigned drill body and a proprietary coolant-through system to allow penetration rates that run at speeds faster than other high performance drills.

In addition, we will highlight the T-A Pro stainless steel (M) geometry insert—a perfected geometry that has been in development for many years and is ready to show to the market. Designed for all stainless steels and heat resistant super alloys, this geometry—with Allied’s new AM460 coating—is optimized for improved chip formation.

Finally, we will showcase Wohlhaupter boring tools – a continually expanding product line that brings you the right solutions. One of these solutions being the release of the small diameter 420 (410) fine boring head, which still has the high-precision components Wohlhaupter is known for but in an unthinkably small diameter.

We are most looking forward to seeing people in person and interacting face-to-face and showing the new tooling we have developed over the last three years like the T-A Pro and running demos to showcase our innovations, as well as providing the opportunity for individuals to learn more about who Allied Machine is and what we are capable of with our wide range of holemaking and hole finishing solutions.

Jamie RosenbergerWhat machining and manufacturing trends have you noticed throughout your career that could be hot topics at IMTS 2022?

Because of labor constraints, the manufacturing industry is leaning toward robotics. Companies are trying to keep up by finding new ways of doing things because of supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. Adjusting to these demands requires out-of-the-box thinking for many within the industry.

Over the past decades, shops have pushed the envelope on machining in addition to tool design requirements getting tighter—just as we have seen with the development of tooling for deep hole drilling. Ultimately, pushing the envelope will continue to change how we develop and manufacture machine tools and cutting tools.

What do you think we can expect from the manufacturing, engineering, and machining & tooling industries in the future as automation becomes more and more commonplace with traditional manufacturing practice and companies embrace Industry 4.0 technology?

As automation becomes more commonplace, the engineering support that manufacturers need is often sourced from their suppliers. We are an extension of their engineering departments in areas such as the creation of technical drawings and process development. This need to rely on suppliers for engineering support will continue to be an expectation as a result of labor shortages in the manufacturing industry.

What type of workforce development initiatives does Allied pursue currently or hope to pursue in the future?

Workforce development initiatives have always been of great importance to Allied Machine. Not only do we offer internships that provide valuable experience and foster homegrown talent, but we also invest in our associates to make sure they have all the skills and training needed to open new opportunities.

Furthermore, we are heavily involved in the local Project Lead the Way program. For students from elementary school to high school, this program encourages science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts in order to drive interest in these fields and help build a future workforce in manufacturing.

For more information, visit www.alliedmachine.com, email info@alliedmachine.com, or call 330-343-4283. Make sure to stop by Booth#W-431436 at IMTS!

About the Jamie Rosenberger

Jamie Rosenberger is the director of marketing at Allied Machine & Engineering. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Education from Kent State University. Jaime has devoted 19 years of her career at Allied Machine with experience in application engineering and product management.

About Allied Machine & Engineering

Allied Machine & Engineering is a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems. Allied devotes its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to creating the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries around the world. Our tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost per hole in a wide range of drilling, reaming, threading, boring, and burnishing applications.

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied’s precision holemaking technologies provide end users worldwide with the highest level of drill performance. Precision engineering and expert application support make Allied the first and best choice for solving complex metal-cutting challenges.