Widest Line-Up of Profile Benders

KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. is proud to offer a wide collection of rollers for circular bending of metal profiles including angles and pipes, the PBM and PBH series angle rollers. Featuring vertical and horizontal operation capabilities, the machines include a standard set of modular dies suitable for bending square, flat, and angle iron. Custom dies for rounded or other unique profiles are available as well.

The PBM series features a dual speed motor for the two non-modular bottom rolls and a manually adjustable top roll with a millimeter scale. The optional DRO assists with repeatability. Available models include the PBM 30 and the PBM 50. The main differences are the motor size (1 Hp vs 2 Hp) and shaft size (1” vs 2”), which ultimately determine the maximum material size and minimum radius each machine can bend, with the PBM 30 able to fit 1.5” square tubing and the PBM 50 able to fit 2”.

The difference between the PBM and PBH series is the top roll of the PBH is moved hydraulically as opposed to the PBM which is moved manually. The PBH series of hydraulic rolling machines are available with shaft size/HP combinations of 2”/1.5 Hp (PBH 50), 2.4”/4 Hp (PBH 65), 3.1”/5 Hp (PBH 80), 3.9”/10 Hp (PBG 100), or 4.75”/20 Hp (PBH 120).

The PBH 50, 65, and 80 feature 3 driven rolls as well as 2 hydraulically adjustable bottom rollers. Also included with these models is a digital display of 2 axes and mechanical guide rollers adjustable in 3 axes. Options for the PBH 50, 65, or 80 include infinitely adjustable bending speed, oil/air cooling, hydraulic guide rollers, and specialty dies. These tools can bend 2” square pipe into a minimum diameter of 63” (PBH 50), 1.75” square pipe down to 24” (PBH 65), and 2.75” square pipe as tight as 51” (PBH 80).

The larger ring and profile bending machines, the PBH 100 and 120, feature 2 bending speeds matched with mechanically (PBH 100) or hydraulically (PBH 120) adjustable guide rollers in 3 axes. These profile bending machines are able to fit 3” (PBH 100) and 3.5” (PBH 120) square tube and bend it into a minimum radius of 60”/71”. A popular add on is the semi-automatic NC EasyView control. This control allows all movements, processes, and commands from the operator to be recorded in “teach-in” mode, then called and played back at any time. Up to 48 bending plans, with a max of 1000 steps each, can be stored. More importantly the data can be edited at the operator’s discretion.

KAAST also offers the PBH series in model sizes 160 (6.3” shaft, 30 Hp), 180 (7” shaft, 40 Hp), and 300 (11.8” shaft, 100 Hp), ideal for bending 4.75”, 6”, or 10” (respectively) square tubing. These heavy-duty profile/angle bending machines feature shafts made from special hardened steel, two hydraulically adjustable bottom rollers, a digital display for the side roller positions, and hydraulic motors paired with planetary gears.

Reach out to KAAST by phone at 610-441-7317, email at info@kaast-usa.com, or through www.KAAST-USA.com, for more information about the profile rolling series or any other KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. products. Visitors are also welcome to visit the new 42,000 sq. ft Philadelphia based showroom to see firsthand what KAAST has to offer.

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