Walter offers button insert for copy milling cutter. 

The Walter Tiger·tec® Gold WMP45G round insert is cost-effective especially for turbine blade machining. 

Walter has developed its Tiger·tec® Gold WMP45G button insert specifically for turbine blade machining, including the blade, blade root and blade head, for use with its F2334R copy milling cutter. Two insert sizes are available: the 10 mm ROMX10T3M0 and the 12 mm ROMX1204M0.The WMP45G comes standard as a sintered insert because sintered inserts have an attractive price-to-performance ratio, making them preferred by manufacturers serving the energy and aerospace industries. Each button insert also has four faceted locating faces for excellent pocket stability.

The F2334R milling cutter, in which the R stands for “reinforced,” is the first choice for blade machining. The cutter features a stable pocket design and a radial positive geometry to provide a soft cutting action. The cutters are available in diameter from 1¼” to 2½” and 25 to 80 mm. The usual DOC is 3 mm, with a 3.5 mm maximum, for the 10 mm insert and 4 mm, with a 4.5 mm maximum, for the 12 mm insert.

Because turbine blades are exposed to extreme thermal and physical loads, only difficult-to-cut materials such as high-temperature super alloys can withstand such forces. The WMP45G with an optimized combination of toughness and high-temperature wear resistance, as well as less sensitivity to cracking, provides high process reliability and is the benchmark for blade machining.

Several insert geometries are available. The geometry F67 is for “light. cutting” and is the first choice because of the low cutting forces being exerted. The strong D67 is mainly used for nickel-based super alloys due to its high cutting-edge stability. The universal D57 is for medium machining conditions and is suitable for applications other than blade machining.

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