Carell Vertical Rolling Systems

Carell Corporation presented the new vertical plate rolling systems at the Fabtech/AWS 2010 Exhibition in Atlanta. The new generation of tank rolling processes utilizes vertical format plate rolls for rolling sheet goods or advanced design vertical rolls equipped with decoilers to roll tank shells continuously from coil stock. The above machine is a 8′ x 3/8″ capacity roll built for horizontal & vertical operation that can be used both in-shop or in the field with sheet goods.

Vertical rolls and vertical coil systems can both be enhanced by using other automated modules that can be tailored or customized to meet various production parameters to produce tanks more accurately and more economically than previous technology allows. Shells are plasma cut and welded in automatic. Vertical rolls and vertical rolling systems can be built to handle from 4′ to 12′ plate in thicknesses from 18Ga to over 1″.

Carell Vertical Tank Production Systems are configured to suit the needs of both current and future tank projects. They include stations or ‘cells’ to produce the tanks as well as to install tops, bottoms, legs, refrigeration coils and half pipe jackets. Single units or entire systems can be used on site in the field or designed for in-shop production. We supply patented automated machinery for production, application and welding of external tank refrigeration circuits and half pipe jackets.

This advanced system allows you to reduce labor costs; reduce number of qualified & non-qualified workers; reduce required shop space; reduce material costs by using coil material; reduce material handing time and costs; increase production rates; increase production efficiency; increase flexibility, handle  tank diameters from 6′ to 65’+; increase versatility; produce tanks ‘In-House’ and/or ‘on-site’

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