UNISIG Spotlights Engineering Capabilities of Deep Hole Drilling at IMTS 2018

UNISIG will showcase the breadth of applications its gundrilling, BTA drilling, bottle boring and skiving/roller burnishing machines can accomplish at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). Components from the medical, aerospace, die and mold, automotive, oil and gas, energy, firearms and hydraulic cylinder industries will be on display in booth #339159 in South Hall, as well as the tools used to produce them.

“We always enjoy an opportunity to help manufacturers learn about the advantages of
incorporating deep hole drilling machines into their facilities, and there are no better
opportunities than IMTS,” said Anthony Fettig, CEO of UNISIG. “This year, we look
forward to continuing to push people’s expectations of what is possible with deep hole

In addition to a collection of workpieces, UNISIG will feature a custom machine from the
company’s research and development lab. The machine under power will demonstrate
the extreme depth-to-diameter ratios possible with advanced machines equipped with
the latest control technologies. This UNX machine possesses unique CNC motion
control capabilities to produce highly accurate off-center gundrilled holes.

The company will also introduce its expanded line of deep hole drilling and machining
centers designed for moldmakers. These new machines will complement UNISIG’s
existing USC-M series, four to seven-axis deep hole drilling and machining centers that
serve as ideal solutions for improving productivity and efficiency in mold production.
These machines allow manufacturers to process large and small parts with four-sided
machining capability in a single set-up. With the introduction of the new machines,
moldmakers can easily select an option from UNISIG’s comprehensive range of
solutions that fits their individual part-processing needs.

Throughout the week, visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to discuss these
machines and their uses further with the application engineers and technical sales staff
to discuss how to optimize drilling operations as well as brand new applications. Visit
UNISIG at IMTS 2018 to change your expectations of what is possible with deep hole
drilling and machining.


Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, UNISIG is a world leader in the
manufacture of deep-hole drilling systems and technologies for precision-focused
metalcutting industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and medical. A stateof-the-art production facility and reliable network of local suppliers allow the company to
design and manufacture its BTA, gundrilling, trepanning and skiving machines as well
as its tooling solutions and automation in the United States.

For more information on UNISIG, please visit UNISIG.com or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter (@UNISIG).