UniMax Walk-In Fume Hoods from HEMCO

UniMax Floor Mounted (Walk-In) Fume Hoods

The UniMax series of hoods from HEMCO has been expanded to include wide selection of models that feature fire suppression systems to meet California requirements. Standard models range from 6 feet to 24 feet wide, 4 feet to 8 feet deep, and 7 feet to 16 feet high. Tall apparatus/distillation processes, roll-in reactors, or long integrated instrumentation sys­tems can be easily accommodated in these hoods.

unimax, hemcoUniMax Floor Mount Hood’s are constructed of chemical resistant, non-conductive modular panels fea­turing composite resin surface material. This modular design allows for onsite assembly and the ability to disassemble at a later date, move and reassemble. Custom sizes and designs can also be designed and built to exact specifications. Call 800-779-4362 or visit http://www.UniMaxFumeHoods.com

About HEMCO Corp

HEMCO is the leading manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment serving the Sciences and R&D Technology Industries since 1958. Located in Independence, Missouri, the heart of America, and the crossroads of North America a major center for transportation, communication, distribution, and manufacturing industries worldwide. HEMCO’s modern manufacturing and distribution facilities combined with our many years of experience uniquely qualifies us to provide laboratory planning solutions. Their extensive engineering, design and manufacturing expertise can transform your laboratory ideas into reality. The year 2009 marked a new beginning for HEMCO, as they became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The International Standard Organization is recognized in the USA and 178 countries worldwide. HEMCO’s management team has adopted the ISO quality management and procedures into their daily operating system. By continuing to improve manufacturing procedures & operations, it creates efficiency with employee involvement. The next year, 2010, HEMCO’s UniFlow SE Aire Stream, UniFlow LE & UniFlow CE fume hoods became U.L. classified to U.L.1805 standards for laboratory fume hoods & cabinets. Underwriter Laboratories have 69 labs and certified testing facilities in the US, and over 100 countries worldwide, with 6,600 employees to service the U.L. clients. U.L. has tested HEMCO HiPel composite fiberglass laminate for chemical & flame resistance and to NFPA 45 for plastics suitable to use in the laboratory. All of HEMCO’s fume hoods are tested to meet U.L. standard 3101 for electrical circuitry & are listed and compliant to U.L.1805 -3101, CSA, and CE classifications.