The Technology House Accelerates Large-Scale Parts Production with 3D Systems’ SLA 750

  • High-speed, large capacity SLA 750 enables The Technology House to help customers expand additive manufacturing applications in industrial & healthcare industries
  • SLA 750 is world’s fastest Stereolithography printer, helping The Technology House deliver for its customers 50% faster than with previous platform

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) today announced The Technology House (TTH), an Ohio-based contract manufacturer, has purchased an SLA 750 to enhance its manufacturing workflow. 3D Systems’ latest Stereolithography (SLA) printer offers unprecedented levels of throughput and reliability as compared to other available SLA printers. The combination of the SLA 750’s high-speed production, large build area, and broad materials portfolio is allowing TTH to expand the services offered to its customers. TTH is now able to help its customers push the boundaries of innovation — from prototyping to finished parts — for a range of industrial and healthcare applications.

The Technology House opened in 1996 as a 3D Systems customer with one SLA 500 3D printer. Since that time, TTH has continued to integrate additional 3D Systems SLA printers including SLA 5000s, SLA 7000s, and Vipers among other 3D Systems technology. After 3D Systems introduced the SLA 750 in 2022, TTH chose to add it to their workflow due to its exceptional capabilities, including enhanced automation and efficiency that results in shorter lead times, faster post-processing, and improved part quality.

“We’ve been a customer of 3D Systems for over 25 years,” said Lauren Good, VP, finance, The Technology House. “We’ve found their solutions, service, and overall partnership invaluable to our business. After our thorough evaluation of the competitive landscape, we chose to add the SLA 750 to our manufacturing workflow not only due to its speed and accuracy which allows us to produce both large parts as well as fine feature detail, but also for the number of production-grade materials that we can now offer. 3D Systems’ material portfolio expansion with the SLA 750 allows us to offer better solutions to our customer base faster. We can complete jobs much more efficiently with very little post-processing. Having the SLA 750 is helping us get more throughput out the door which means we are able to complete the job in half the time and offer a better cost to our customers.”

3D Systems’ SLA 750 is designed to deliver the industry-leading combination of print size, speed, accuracy, and resolution for final parts that possess unmatched finish and mechanical performance. The 3D printer delivers up to 30% faster print speeds and has a 15% larger build envelope and smaller hardware footprint than previous models, allowing manufacturers to optimize and scale production. The system features a self-calibrating dual-rail recoater to improve print process reliability and final part mechanical properties. Additionally, Hyper-Scan™ vector technology — a proprietary scanning algorithm developed to address the unique requirements of production additive manufacturing applications — optimizes key speed and productivity elements such as laser focus and power, as well as vector motor kinematics to deliver significantly improved printer speed and throughput. The printer includes downstream automation readiness and is robot compatible for 24/7 lights-out operation (e.g., fully automatic printer turnover, job-offloading, washing, on-boarding). The SLA 750 also includes 3D Sprint®, all-in-one software to prepare, optimize, and print 3D CAD data. 3D Sprint delivers all the tools needed to quickly and efficiently go from design to high-quality, true-to-CAD printed parts without relying on multiple software packages.

“We’re excited to have The Technology House as an early adopter of our SLA 750 solution,” said John Murray, vice president, global ISG segment & business development, 3D Systems. “As a long-standing 3D Systems customer, they have been able to leverage our innovation evolution to benefit both their business and their customers. The combination of the SLA 750’s enhanced speed, optimized laser scanning, improved resolution, and part quality, and faster industrial-scale post-processing is helping TTH more efficiently serve their customers. As a result, they are able to take on even more business which is helping them maintain their position as an industry leader. I look forward to seeing how they’ll continue to grow and deliver additional benefits for their customers.”

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