The New KASTOwin Saw Range

World exclusive for economic and productive sawing

Modern automatic saws must meet two criteria above all others: economy and productivity. This is possible thanks to high cutting performance in conjunction with low idle times. With its new KASTOwin range, KASTO, a leading manufacturer in the field of sawing technology, presents a flexible, universal solution for serial and production sawing of solid materials, tubes and profiles. The automatic band saws impress with a comprehensive range of standard equipment and excellent value for money.

Kasto_January_26_2016Four models were presented at the 170-year-old family-run company’s anniversary event. With the KASTOwin A 8.6, the range will be shown in full for the first time at AMB in Stuttgart. More than 150 of these models have been sold to date.

The KASTOwin range consists of five fully automatic band saws, which cover a cutting range from 330 to 1,060 mm. The machines are suitable for use with different steels. They are therefore a flexible solution for numerous sectors – from mechanical engineering and toolmaking, via the steel and automotive industries to aerospace engineering. A comprehensive range of standard equipment makes the saws in this range particularly efficient. “Our objective was to develop an all-round saw which would enable us to fulfil the majority of our customers’ normal requirements. Many companies do not want expensive special designs but a cost-effective and economical standard solution,” explains Hilmar Gehrmann, KASTOwin Product Manager.

Five sizes, one design

The five KASTOwin models (A 3.3, A 4.6, A 5.6, A 8.6 and A 10.6) are all built to the same design and the components used are substantially identical. This reduces material procurement costs as well as the manufacturing and assembly effort. As a result, KASTO is able to offer the new saws at a significantly more attractive price than comparable products from other manufacturers. This is not detrimental to the quality: “The KASTOwin range is produced entirely in Germany and is built to the highest quality,” emphasises Gehrmann.

The KASTOwin’s torsionally rigid upper section provides greater vibration damping than conventional cast-iron structures. The other housing components are also made from robust steel. This enables the saw blade to run particularly quietly and produce better accuracy when sawing. The vice and saw feed are also equipped with zero-play linear guides, and ball screw spindle drives ensure controlled cutting and material feed movements. This enables the KASTOwin to achieve a cutting accuracy of ±0.1 mm over a 100 mm cutting length at cutting speeds of up to 150 m/min.

Intelligent control for easy operation

At the same time, the sophisticated KASTOwin design ensures maximum cutting performance. This is assisted by the easy-to-operate SmartControl sawing machine controller, which contains all the material data and automatically sets all the necessary parameters. What is more, the KASTOrespond system, which was developed specially for this range, continuously records the forces at the tool and uses an intelligent algorithm to convert these into feed movements. KASTOwin saws also impress with their efficiency: With a residual length of only 35 mm (60 mm for Model A 3.3), they make optimum use of the material.

The KASTOwin range has hydraulically pre-tensioned saw blade guides as well as the vibration-damping KASTO return blade guides, which are familiar from the KASTOtec range. This combination easily enables saw blade lives of up to 200,000 cm² to be achieved. A highly efficient, frequency-controlled drive and a compact hydraulic power pack, which only runs on demand, ensure that the saw uses as little energy as possible. “This is not only good for the environment, it also reduces operating costs,” says Gehrmann.

The right accessories for every application

For special requirements, KASTO provides a large range of accessories for the KASTOwin. These include a laser for projecting the cutting line, a minimum-quantity lubrication system, a chip conveyor in spiral design, and roller conveyors in various designs on the feed and discharge sides. The saws are available on request with a performance pack with double chip removal brush and greater drive power, or with a heating pack with special hydraulic oil, coolant and electrical cabinet heating. “This enables us to configure the KASTOwin perfectly for any application – quickly and easily,” explains the KASTO specialist.

Of course, KASTO also offers its customers certain options for special solutions with the KASTOwin F, such as bundle clamping devices and extended material feed systems. The range also includes different feed systems, such as double roller conveyors, inclined magazines and chain magazines, depending on the machine size. As a renowned manufacturer of storage systems, KASTO has also made sure to provide connection of the KASTOwin range to material storage equipment.

KASTOwin’s simple operation and its sophisticated material handling considerably reduce idle times. At the same time, the saw provides high cutting performance with low material and energy consumption.

This makes the KASTOwin an extremely productive and economical solution for numerous applications, with outstanding value for money.

About KASTO:
KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, based in Achern-Gamshurst, Germany, specialises in sawing and storage technology for bar stock. The company is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of metal-cutting saws and semi-automatic and automatic storage systems for bar stock and sheet metal. It is also a leading manufacturer of automatic handling systems for metal bars, sheet metal and pre-cut parts. One of Europe’s oldest family-owned companies, KASTO celebrated its 170th anniversary in 2014. In the course of its successful history it has registered 160 patents, delivered more than 140,000 sawing machines to all parts of the world and installed more than 1,700 automatic storage facilities. In addition to a branch in Schalkau, Thuringia, KASTO has subsidiaries in England, France, Singapore and the USA. In 2014 the company’s roughly 700 employees achieved revenues of about 120 million euros.