TetraMini-Cut: Tungaloy Announces an Addition to TetraMini-Cut

TetraMini-Cut: Tungaloy Announces an Addition of Threading Inserts with Sharp Cutting Edges to its TetraMini-Cut Line

Tungaloy Corporation is now adding threading inserts with sharp cutting edges to its TetraMini-Cut insert series, which allows undercutting and finishing of a flange wall.

tetraMini-Cut, TungaloyComplemented by the new PVD grade, SH725, TetraMini-Cut’s new threading insert features sharp cutting edges, making it perfect for cutting fine pitch threads at a high cutting speed. The cutting edge is offset to one side of the insert, allowing threading all the way to the flange wall.

The threading inserts of the TetraMini-Cut series are ground finished making them an ideal choice when high accuracy and quality are required in a threading operation. The innovative insert pocket shelters unused cutting edges from chip damages, assuring the full usage of all four cutting edges. Tungaloy’s unique clamping system secures insert rigidity and guarantees accurate repeatability.

Main features:

  • Incorporates sharp cutting edges perfect for fine pitch threads on small diameter screws.
  • Capable of threading to a flange wall.
  • Economical four cornered insert
  • Powerful clamping system for rigid insert clamping.
  • Innovative insert pocket that protects unused corners from chip damage, assuring utilization of all four cutting edges.

About Tungaloy Corporation

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