TAB Wrapper Tornado Orbital Wrappers Now Offered in Choice of Colors

Colorful Machines Stand Out from Racks, Walls, Flooring for Safety

Automated orbital wrappers in the TAB Wrapper Tornado line from TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. (, are now offered in a choice of gray as standard or in a variety of colors, including custom color matched colors, at a premium. Devised to support worker safety, the colors may be selected to stand out from or to coordinate with walls, flooring, warehouse racking, and other features to promote maximum color contrast and visibility for lift truck drivers and other machine operators. The coloration is applied to all sides of the steel machinery using protective powder coating to permit both indoor and outdoor installation while guarding against the elements.

The choice of colors is available on the entire line of orbital wrapping machines, which comprises three standard models with 100”, 80” and 40” wrapping rings; the fully automated Perfect Storm wrapping system; and the semi-automatic TAB Wrapper Skinny for low profile products. Custom sizes are also available. The patent-pending line of stretch-wrapping machines wraps plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet and its load to create a secure, unitized load that resists shifting in transit for improved product protection. Operation is at the push of a button or by wireless remote control from a forklift.

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